10 Things to Know Before Buying a Security Camera

Buying a Security Camera
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Security cameras have evolved substantially in the past years. But, not everyone has one as they are a bit on the expensive side. Many buy it for their homes and offices as they know that it will benefit them in many ways.

So looking for a security/CCTV camera is a bit complicated, and many marketing executives are trying to sell you low-quality, low functioning security cameras with outdated software. If you don’t want to make the wrong decision while purchasing a CCTV camera, continue reading and know the ten things you must keep in mind when you seek your options for security camera installation.

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1.Inbuilt SD Slot or Separate Internal Storage

The new CCTVs in the market are different from the older versions. Some CCTV cameras are CCTV systems by themselves. They have embedded micro SD card slots in them. One can insert memory cards of various capacities from 34GB to 128GB for recording. Many of the modern CCTV cameras sold in the market support up to 128GB.

2. Pan/Tilt Ability

The new generation CCTV cameras can rotate horizontally and vertically to cover ample space near them. The maximum angle that a CCTV camera will turn horizontally is called Pan and vertically is Tilt.

3. Quality of Image

The best CCTV cameras must at least produce a 720p (IMP) and 1080p resolution video. The better resolution one gets, the more storage is required. If you own a DVR with ample storage in terabytes, buying a high-resolution camera may not be a bad idea. But the problem is, a camera with inbuilt memory gets filled up fast. Some cameras have an overwrite feature that self-erases micro-SD once it fills up and continues recording—creating a data loss problem. Look for all these details while buying a CCTV camera.

4. Motion and Audio Sensor

The motion sensor is a part of smart security cameras. These are currently not very popular in some places because of the high price, but many buy them. It may be expensive compared to the other regular versions, but it is effective, as it only records when there is a movement in the covered region and saves the memory. Business institutions/banks use these kinds of cameras as these are effective in detecting movements 24×7. It gives all the details of people visiting and requires comparatively less storage as well.

5. Ease of Installation and Setup

The ease of setting up should be considered while buying one. The setting up of CCTV cameras is very complex already, and if the installation is more difficult with some brands, you should avoid it. It reduces the expense and labour as well.

6. Waterproof or Not

There is no other option than leaving the security camera store if the cameras are not waterproof. It is an essential feature a CCTV camera should have. Indoor cameras can be exempted from this feature, but people who have sprinklers on the ceiling for fire safety need to look for waterproof ones.

7. Range of Cameras

The maximum range of a CCTV camera is dependent on the focal length of the lens and the size of the image sensor. The greater the range is, the clearer the objects/people are. A CCTV camera should have at least 20 to 25 metres of range.

8. Offline Working Ability and Hotspot

The camera has to work when the internet is down and should store the recordings. It is necessary as criminal activities increase during the night and when there is a power cut at night. Some even cut the electricity lines. It also needs to have a hotspot feature for the owner to access the recording without the internet.

9. Wired and Wireless Cameras

Wired CCTV cameras are quite popular in many countries. They are connected to DVR through a Siamese Coax Cable. Wired cameras are more reliable than wireless when it comes to connecting with devices.

Wireless cameras are beneficial in terms of mobility and scalability. They are very easy to install and move around. Good quality branded wireless cameras are better than wired ones.

  • Price and Warranty

A good CCTV brand will provide you with up to 3 years of warranty. If the warranty period is not even two years, you should look for other brands.

If you follow these points, from buying to the process of security camera installation will be easy and viable for you. So, always remember to look for quality and features over the price of the product.

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