How to Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions for ( 2021 )

How to Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions for ( 2021 )

It’s that time of year again. You know, when we all set out toward a bright new year, bolstered by a fresh set of rules to live by.

That’s the way it’s been for over 4,000 years since the ancient Babylonians made the first New Year’s resolutions.

The truth is most of our well-intentioned modern-day resolutions probably won’t last beyond the first week of February. Make this year different.

Here’s how to accomplish your goals and boost your morale in the process.


Be Smart About Your Goals

Unrealistic aspirations are the reason most people fail at achieving their goals. For instance, if you resolve to climb Mt Kilimanjaro by the end of the month, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Goal setting should always comply with the SMART acronym. That means they should be:

  • Specific – what, when, why, and how
  • Measurable – e.g. lose 5 pounds instead of ‘lose weight’
  • Achievable – within your capabilities and independent of others
  • Relevant – important enough to hold your interest
  • Timely – have set benchmarks

When you create clearly-defined achievable 2021 goals, you’re setting yourself up for success this year, one step at a time.


Enlist Support to Accomplish Your Goals

Sharing your goals helps create accountability. When you tell other people about your goals, you’ll garner their support, and you’re more inclined to stick to your aims when people know about them.

Do you feel self-conscious about sharing your ambitions with friends or family? A life coach can help keep you on track.

Are you wondering, ”What is a life coach?”. These professionals help you discover and harness the power of your inner resources to set goals and achieve them.


Set Yourself Up for Success

You can’t achieve your goals and improve your life without the necessary resources. If you want to learn a new skill by taking an online course, the first step is getting your hands on a laptop or other internet resource.

Next, you need to set aside the necessary time to achieve this aim.

Figuring out how to get the necessary resources is an important part of goal setting and falls under the ‘achievable’ section of your smart goals.


Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Write down a plan for achieving your goals. Set daily, weekly, and monthly targets toward eventual success and write them down. Breaking big aspirations down into bite-sized chunks helps you feel a sense of achievement regularly along the way.

Some goals may take a long time to achieve and you’ll soon become demotivated unless you keep track of every small victory.

If things aren’t going according to your plan, you may need to make some adjustments. Check-in with your support system or life coach for the encouragement you need to get back on track and adjust your steps accordingly.


Aim High in 2021

Now that you know how to accomplish your goals, the sky’s the limit. All you need to do now is find something worthwhile to aim for.

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