Why Should You Drink More Gin?

Why Should You Drink More Gin?
source: thelist.com

If you have ever tasted gin in your life, you know why it is everybody’s favorite. So, what’s gin? It is a distilled drink made by fermentation and distillation of the base, which is then redistilled with a variety of gin botanicals (juniper berries).

The plants used in the production of Australian gin are eucalyptus, bush tomato, strawberry gum, and lemon myrtle. There are more varieties of plants used to make this drink, but these plants are the main category the manufacturers look for while making high-quality drinks. Australians aged 18 to 24 consume more standard drinks than any other age group on any given day. People over the age of seventy are more likely to have two or fewer standard drinks usually.

The varieties of gin in Australia have grown from 15 to over 200 in the last ten years, resulting from high demand and the boom phase of nightlife and tourism in Australia. Tourism in Australia can be divided into the following types: Aboriginal tourism, cities, beaches, national parks, adventure tourism, coastal cities with their sights and events, sporting events, the Australian outback, and Tasmanian wilderness. And alcohol is a big part of this industry because it is also how foreigners can understand the culture.

Gin has a relatively short history in Australia. Until recently, Australian distillery laws were strict due to the government’s lack of understanding of distillation and associated safety issues. Since then, the government has been much more accommodating in assisting new distilleries in understanding their needs. Because of this, there has been a rapid increase in the number of new distilleries opening.

Gin has been popular since the beginning, but it is becoming more popular among the citizens every year. It is assumed to be because of the fact that gin has many medicinal qualities. Gin was used as herbal medicine from as early as the Middle Ages. When drunk in moderation, it has a huge range of health benefits. From brimming with antioxidants to fighting various diseases like kidney and liver disease, the article lists the reasons why to ditch your hard liquor and start drinking old gin.

Juniper Berries

The benefits of juniper berries, often known as super berries, are numerous.

They are high in antioxidants and also have anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. It can also benefit your heart and skin.

Calorie Count Is Low

Are you worried that drinking gin may give you a spare tire around your waist? Don’t worry; when compared to other cocktails, gin has one of the lowest calories per shot, at roughly 97 calories per shot. If you’re watching your weight, drink it straight because adding tonic will boost the calories.

Helps You in Living a Longer Life

Drinking your way to a longer life is a great way to start! The flavonoids included in juniper berries in gin are particularly beneficial for avoiding heart disease and boosting blood circulation. Keep in mind, though, that drinking too much gin can have the opposite effect.

It’s Beneficial to Your Bones

Say goodbye to arthritis and chronic pain. The alcohol content, along with the goodness of Juniper berries, is a great treatment for chronic pain and arthritis, as well as for aching joints.

Defends Against Coughs and Colds

Coughs can be prevented by the oils found in juniper berries, which help to clear mucus from the throat and relieve lung congestion. The best thing about gin is that it can be blended with various ingredients, including ginger, which can help ease a sore throat.

If you are having an Australian gin or any other type of gin, never forget that you are treating your body and mind very well. With so many benefits, the gin must be your go-to drink with your friends. Always remember to drink in moderation, and have a good diet with it.