Most Dangerous US Roads Where You Can Crash Your Car

Most Dangerous US Roads Where You Can Crash Your Car
Most Dangerous US Roads Where You Can Crash Your Car

US Roads Where You Can Crash Your Car: Are you going to travel with your friends? That’s a good practice for young drivers to learn the world and make friends. Of course, it is not a problem to rent a car for a young, so-called underage, driver. Remember, you have to pay a young-driver fee that will make your trip spends above your budget. Nevertheless, this is how car rental agencies protect themselves from road emergencies caused mostly by your poor driving experience.


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The cars

Having doubts about what car to pick as a young driver, pay attention to the cheapest and the best-taking vehicles. The car must be small so that it will be easy to drive and park. Also, it may be safe and equipped with all the needed travel devices such as parking sensors, air conditioners, USB ports, and chargers. How about the Ford Fiesta? This small but comfortable car is considered to be the most popular car for underage travellers. It is on the TOP list of best-rented cars in the USA. The car has four comfortable seats, which is good for a company of four, and a large trunk to fit your luggage.


The roads

Picking the travel route is as much important as picking the right car. America’s roads are not dangerous but there are places where you may feel nervous and need to pay more attention to stay safe. Some areas are really proved to be much more dangerous than others. For example, young drivers don’t like hitting the road in Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Montana and West Virginia. Are there more dangerous routes you should know about?

The roads

US Dangerous Roads You Should Keep Away From!

1. H-17 in South Carolina

This highway may seem to be the most admirable travel section in the USA. That’s true. The views are really majestic. The legendary highway starts in Virginia and goes to Florida, considered to be the most problematic highway in the state. The point is the highway consists of many narrow zones, blind sharp curves, and sudden turns. Be aware of occasional animals, crossing the road here and there.


2. H-1 in Florida

This is the longest highway in the country. It runs through 13 regions and often causes many deaths, especially during the travelling season. There are no sudden turns or narrow areas on the road. The road is a big dangerous spot itself! Just be careful and follow the speed limits. You can get the most comfortable car and learn everything about car rental under 25 on This can save the situation if you pick a good manoeuvrable car.


3. H-199 in Northern California

Everyone who goes to Oregon should follow Route 199. Honestly, this road is often called the Redwood Highway. Why so? That’s because of this long highway cause death every three miles. The road is difficult with its narrow sections, and beautiful sceneries around that distract you from watching the road. The driver often strike trees when they get careless.

H-199 in Northern California

4. H-83 in Texas

This legendary route can boast its interesting history. It runs out of Canada and continues its way through such American states as Nebraska, Dakotas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas straight to the Mexico border. Watch the road in Texas territory! The crashes and fatalities happen every week here.


5. H-160 in Colorado

Everyone has a dream to visit Colorado due to its highlands and wild nature. The most dangerous route you can meet in the mountains is when travelling through the San Juan Mountains. The curves, sudden ups and downs, tight switches are the usual run of things here. Also, wild animals try to cross the road and cause dangerous situations. If you travel through Colorado in bad weather, try to find any other way to cross the state or spend the night or two in the nearest hotel waiting for improvement in the weather.


6. I-95 in Miami

Young people often come to Miami for beach attractions and different entertainments. You should know that the part of the highway not far from the main Florida city has nearly 5-mile of a narrow line. When the traffic is heavy it often happens that drivers knock together and just can’t weave into the toll lane.


7. H-1 in California

This highway is long and narrow. The pleasant Californian weather makes your trip even more enjoyable. Nevertheless, the section becomes big trouble when you look out of the window and admire the sceneries around instead of watching the road. Just stop the car at the coastline and enjoy the beautiful views nearby. When you are at the wheel, it is better to concentrate on driving.

Young drivers are often risky and adventurous. When you pick the route before your trip, it is better to read about it and learn as much information as possible. Try to find a map of the route and mark all the essentials you may need on the go. You are young but wise as never before.