What to Do if Your Nose is Affecting Your Mental Health

What to Do if Your Nose is Affecting Your Mental Health
source: health.osu.edu

You do not have to be going through a disastrous period of your life to experience poor mental health. Your mental health problems can come in all different shapes and sizes and can be triggered by several causes. Then, here is what you should do if issues with your appearance, such as the size and shape of your nose, are impacting your mental health.

· Use Positive Affirmations

The first step that you should take if the appearance of your nose is affecting your mental health is to try and turn your negative thoughts around. You can do this by using positive affirmations. By telling yourself that your nose is healthy, that you are beautiful, and that everyone has flaws in their appearance, you will be able to feel more confident when you are out and about and stop worrying about what your nose looks like. If you are struggling to think up positive affirmations yourself, you should look up ideas and templates on the internet, which you can get into the habit of saying every day.

· Perfect Your Makeup

Sometimes, all you need to do to make your nose look better is to perfect your makeup. For instance, you can use contouring to make your nose look shorter, smaller, and thinner and stop it from standing out from your face. This can provide a temporary solution when you feel self-conscious or for special occasions. If you are struggling to perfect this makeup or are not much of a makeup guru, you should watch tutorials on platforms such as YouTube, as this will allow you to learn from influencers and experts.

· Get Cosmetic Surgery

If you want a permanent fix to your nose troubles, you should consider getting cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can help perfect your nose and allow you to have the nose you have always dreamed of. This can stop it from being crooked, can reduce its size, and can edit the appearance of your nostrils. Not only this, but if the shape of your nose is causing issues with your breathing, cosmetic surgery can improve this and reduce the problems that struggling to breathe through your nose can cause, such as a dry mouth and throat. This means that you should look around for clinics that can offer you a rhinoplasty in Denver, CO.

·  Visit a Doctor

However, if your self-esteem is so bad that it is causing feelings of depression and anxiety, it is vital that you visit a doctor, especially if you have been experiencing symptoms of a mental health disorder for over a month. By speaking to a doctor, you might be able to get a referral for therapy services, as well as advice for self-care. Not only this, but if therapy and self-care is not effective, they might be able to give you the medication that you need to thrive. It is especially important to visit a doctor urgently if you are having suicidal thoughts or if you are struggling to look after yourself because of your mental health.