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A car accident is a traumatic event that places too much force on your body than it can handle, leading to significant injuries. Fractures are the most common injuries from a car accident. one or several of your bones may break during the impact due to:

  • Being thrown forward or backward in the car.
  • Being compressed during a crash.
  • Hitting hard objects like the car frame, dashboard, and metal bars during the impact.
  • Being thrown out of the car.
  • Being hit by a blunt or sharp object in the car.
  • Bending or twisting your limbs during the collision.

Any bone can break in a car accident, including legs and femurs, arms and wrists, hips, ribs, spinal cord, neck, clavicles, skull, or facial.

But what do you do after sustaining a fracture after a car accident?

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Seek immediate medical attention

You may notice you have a fracture right after the impact, which manifests in severe pain. Or you may be too traumatized, and the high adrenaline may conceal the pain, which means you may notice the fracture hours later. Therefore it is advisable to seek immediate medical attention whether you feel injured or not after a car accident.

Seeking prompt medical attention is even more vital if you realize you have a fractured bone. A doctor needs an x-ray to determine the position of the fracture. A bone may break partially, entirely, or into several pieces depending on the severity of the impact. The bone may puncture the skin and misalign with the rest in more severe cases. Luckily, a doctor can diagnose the fracture and initiate treatment.

Follow your doctor’s advice.

Fractures may take months or years to heal, especially for adults. The best thing to do is take your doctor’s advice and follow the prescription regime. You should give yourself enough time to heal before you do any straining activity that may interfere with the healing process.

Monitor your medical expenses

You can recover all the treatment costs after suffering a fracture in a car accident. You have to keep track of all medical records, bills, and expenses to do that, and they come in handy as evidence when pursuing a car accident claim. To recover the losses, you should also keep track of any other costs associated with the injury, such as therapy, home care, etc.

Find a good support system.

A fracture may restrict you, and a good support system comes in handy. The healing process can be traumatic, stressful, and highly frustrating since you don’t know whether your life will be the same as before. You should find a strong support system to take care of your body during recovery.

Contact a car accident lawyer.

It is advisable to contact an experienced Harrisonburg car accident lawyer immediately after the accident to evaluate your legal options and advise you accordingly. A lawyer can gather evidence and help you pursue compensation as you focus on recovery.


The aftermath of a car accident is not easy, and a car accident attorney does the heavy lifting giving you peace of mind.