What Strategy Should Be Adopted To Solve Mock Tests For ACC Exam?

What Strategy Should Be Adopted To Solve Mock Tests For ACC Exam?

ACC 2022 Exam Preparation Tips: For soldiers (non-officers) who desire to become future officers, the most pressing question is how to pass the Army Cadet College (ACC) exam on the first try. The Indian Military Academy’s Army Cadet College prepares serving troops to become commissioned officers in the Indian Army.

To help you with your ACC test preparations, we’ve created a thorough answer to your question about how to pass the Army Cadet College (ACC) Exam on the first try and improve your chances of being selected. In this essay, we will go over all of the suggestions for passing the ACC Exam.

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What Is ACC Entry All About?

  • Every year, the ACC test is held twice.
  • The age range for ACC is 20 to 27 years old.
  • A minimum of two years of service is required.
  • You must have a 10+2 or similar educational qualification to apply to ACC.
  • Soldiers who are married or single are both eligible to apply.
  • You have a total of three opportunities to enter the ACC.

Tips to clear the exam in one attempt

Give yourself the best chance possible by following these top test tips:

Make a plan.

Plan your timetable, i.e. how you will prepare for the ACC tests before you begin studying for them. Consider how much time you have for preparation, your projected daily work schedule, and other factors while making your plans. Make a schedule with BYJU’s Exam prep for yourself and be flexible and practical with it.

Familiarize yourself with the exam’s syllabus and organization

You may look up the curriculum online to assist you to concentrate on the examinable areas. Early on in your preparation, you should become acquainted with the exam structure.

Every day, strive to create a new goal for yourself and work toward it. Make certain that the goals you select are centered on aspects that will assist you in passing the ACC examinations.

Practice with an outdated or prior year’s test paper.

This will give you a general sense of the ACC exam pattern format, and if you have time on your hands, it may also be useful practice for ensuring that you spend enough time on each area.

While preparing past question papers, study the marking scheme to help you grasp the relative marking for different sorts of questions in the test.

Question paper analysis is the finest thing you can do since it may help you look at the trends in previous exams. You can see what sorts of questions are usually asked, what topics are most frequently assessed, and so on. Make use of your own analysis to highlight the most significant elements in the course.

Every exam necessitates revision.

Allow enough time in your schedule to review the curriculum. When there are only two or three days to the test, it is beneficial to go over the whole syllabus. It is also important for your brain to get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet.

The Army Cadet College (ACC) Wing of the Indian Military Academy prepares regular army, navy, and air force soldiers, airmen, and sailors for commission as officers in the Indian Army. The ACC is currently referred to as the Siachen battalion.


IMA’s training focuses on the optimal development of intellectual, moral, and physical attributes necessary for leadership in the armaments industry. The IMA instills traits of intellect and heart, such as patriotism, character, dynamism, initiative, and understanding, which are the bedrock of leadership in both war and peace.

The Army Cadet College Wing, which is led by a Brigadier and is based on Tons Campus, is the sixth Battalion of the IMA. It is made up of three companies, each with three platoons, as well as an Academic Department led by a Principal. Under the Humanities and Science Streams, the latter is divided into numerous departments, each of which is led by a Professor / Associate Professor.