What Should You Include In A Truck Accident Claim?

What Should You Include In A Truck Accident Claim?

A truck accident claim will ideally include documentation of the truck accident itself, precisely the following: The date and time of the accident. A description of how the accident occurred. The name(s) and contact information for any witnesses, including law enforcement officers who arrived on the scene.

Below are details to include in a truck accident claim:

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1. The truck accident and its date and time

To begin with, make sure to record the date and time of the accident. If you can, photograph the scene if this is possible without putting yourself in harm’s way. A witness may be able to do this for you. This documentation will help establish that the truck driver’s negligent actions caused your injuries.

2. The cause of the accident

A truck involved in an accident may be easy to identify, but if you are not sure what caused the ­accident, first ask yourself: What were you doing at the time of the crash? If you cannot remember or do not know, ask witnesses (if any) or the responding law enforcement officer. If you can find out what happened, make sure to include this information in your truck accident claim.

3. Witness accounts of the accident

If there were any witnesses present at the time of your accident, consider getting their contact information so that it can be included in your truck accident claim. This information may be helpful to strengthen your claim, but do not put yourself in danger to obtain it.

4. The injuries you sustained

It is essential to note the extent of your injuries after any truck accident. Include details like how long you were hospitalized and what kinds of medical attention you required (such as surgery or rehabilitation). If you suffered any permanent injuries due to your accident, you would also want to note this.

5. The amount of time you missed from work

You may have been hospitalized or away from work after your truck accident, so if this is the case, you should include the amount of time that you were out of work in your truck accident claim. If you are not currently employed, you should still have any wages that you lost when calculating the total amount of your truck accident claim.

6. Your medical expenses

It may be one of the most significant parts of your truck accident claim, so it is essential to note what kinds of medical treatment were necessary to help the truck accident attorney determine the total amount of your injuries. You should also include any therapy expenses or equipment that you had to buy to cope with the effects of your injuries.

7. Your property damage

An essential part of a truck accident claim is documenting any damage to your personal property, such as cell phones, clothing, and transportation. Make sure to note the value of the destroyed property, as this may help you claim its replacement value or the cost of repairing it.


It is advisable to speak to an Atlanta truck accident attorney after a truck accident. They can help you file a claim and ensure that all pertinent information is included.