What Services Does A Content Writing Agency Offer?

What Services Does A Content Writing Agency Offer?

The boundless territory of content writing includes a variety of writing styles and types, each fitting for different write-up projects. For instance, a blog is devised differently than an informative article — the same can be said for a blunt social media post and an explanatory newsletter. Tools like Grammarly can literally help to fix our writing mistakes in minutes

An individual writer might only be adept at a handful of writing manners, but a professional content writing agency offers a range of services for businesses of all types. In addition to generating text-based content, they also take the responsibility of attracting new visitors, enhancing your site’s visibility, retaining current leads, and so much more.

If you are curious to find out what types of writing services you can be offered, go through the list we have put together for you.

1. SEO articles

Like a blog post, an SEO article is devised to inform, entertain, and educate the readers on a particular topic. However, it is forged with the basics of SEO techniques in mind, so that Google or other search engines can easily understand the content. Things like title tags, readability, backlinks, and of course, keywords make it easier for you to rank higher and compete with your rivals.

Writers are not only trained for SEO articles but are also provided tools to optimize the content more efficiently. If you want your content to outshine your competition, SEO article writing services are what you should look for.

2. Blog Posts

Whether you are a notable brand or a small business, you can use blog posts to enlighten your audience, create networking opportunities, generate leads, and communicate your message.  If written well with expertise, they help the brand to improve website traffic and increase brand awareness.

Blog posts can cover content regarding company news, press releases, collaborations, reviews, guides, and anything that you want to be conveyed. To reach a wider audience, they can also be shared on multiple platforms, including social media.

Make sure the company you are hiring can put together blog posts with exceptional quality and engaging tone so that you can hook readers in place and convert potential leads.

3. Landing Pages

Having a website isn’t enough, and you should opt for different means to send visitors down the marketing funnel. There isn’t a better way to do this than constructing landing pages.

Unlike articles and blog posts, the writing on landing pages follows the three Cs — compact, concise, and clear. It means that the message is conveyed clearly but with the minimum words possible.

Building an efficient landing page that looks good and can potentially convert leads is rare craftsmanship. Therefore, before hiring any content writing agency, demand a portfolio of their past work. Make sure their samples have proper placement of call-to-action buttons, engaging tone, stunning looks, and appealing graphics — all these traits are indispensable when it comes to creating landing pages that convert.

4. Long-Form Content

Backlinking is another SEO technique that helps you convince Google that your content is worth a higher ranking. When the search engine finds enough resources linked to your content, you will be automatically preferred. And that’s where long-form or skyscraper content comes in. It often contains many thousands of words, so that you can earn as many backlinks as possible from variable sources.

It will not only increase the detail level of that topic but also makes it easier for you to rank for the respective keywords. This is one of the most common content writing services you can find out there.

5. Static Pages

Another service that holds a great deal of significance for businesses of all types is the creation of static pages. You might confuse them with landing pages, but they are entirely different. Basic content on your website such as about us, services detail, goals, customer testimonials, product listings, and others are included in static pages.

Without this information, how will you educate your readers about your goods and services? You can’t! That is why no matter what type of business you are running if you own a website, static pages are undeniably a necessity. A reliable content writing agency will use SEO tactics even on such pages to boost your overall visibility in the eyes of the search engine.

6. Research Papers

The world of academic publishing is a whole new realm that does not follow the writing rules, tone, and style that we witness in all the above types. Only a person with an in-depth understanding of the topic can pull off academic writing projects such as research papers.

It isn’t just about the writing style, but also the information used, which demands thorough research and knowledge about the field. Not to forget, research papers are written in special formats, each follows a set of rules regarding punctuation, writing style, formatting, and structure.

Since academic writing is easily the most challenging on the list, you might struggle in finding a writing agency that offers reliable services in this sector. The best way to test the company’s skills in research writing is by asking them their published pieces of work. It will give you a rough idea of whether the agency can pull off your project or not.

7. Business or Formal Writing

The writing utilized in a professional setting differs from the ones used in a semi-formal business setup. Be it memorandums, reports, official emails, proposals, business writing takes care of them all. Since it is devoid of unceremonious lingo, it isn’t usually bound by cultural boundaries, meaning it is easy to read and understand by everyone.

 The language used in an email should reflect how good are you at putting together complex words, but rather a simple tone that can concisely convey the message.

8. Video Scripts

Explainer videos are a new fashion in the marketing industry, wherein the brand explains or advertises the products and services using interesting graphics and narration. They require a script that covers the short story or the message in the video from the introduction to the final words.

In addition to explainer videos, scripts are also used in short films, motion graphic adverts, and other videography you may find on video-hosting websites. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is an art that demands the writer to convey the message brilliantly in a few words followed by a small story.

9. E-Book

A type of long-form content, e-book writing is another marketing tactic that helps you capture leads. More than that, it means to earn extra when your audience is already interested enough in your product. For instance, if you run a nutrient website, an e-book contains a diet plan with tips and tricks to get shredded will be a huge tactic to increase sales.

If you are looking for an e-book writing or a company, remember to ask their previously accepted works to get an idea of the quality.

10. Social Content

Agreeably, a business is incomplete without a strong social media presence. However, harnessing the true potential of these platforms demands a special skill set of generating appealing social media posts. These posts are usually concise, followed by a URL that links the post to your original business website. But to compel the readers to click on the link requires an attractive writing tone — a trait that all social content writers must possess.