What is Spatial Order and Role of Chronology in Essay Writing?

What is Spatial Order and Role of Chronology in Essay Writing?

Essay writing is an important part of the curriculum of a student. It tests the critical and analytical ability of an individual and focuses on sharpening the same. 

Essay writing is not such an easy task as you think, there are several rules and formats that one must follow while writing an essay. Every student wants their essay to be an impressive one so that the readers get a clear picture of their thoughts and their creativity. 

Thus students focus more on using ornamental language and correct grammar, ignoring other important aspects involved in the process. These important aspects include compare-contrast pattern, spatial order, chronological order, topical pattern, advantages-disadvantages pattern, problem-solution method, order of importance, etc. 

There is no hard and fast rule that any specific pattern has to be used while writing an essay. What should be kept in mind is that whichever pattern you use, should effectively convey the idea you wish to put across to the readers of your essay. 

You can also use a combination of these methods to make your text understandable. Experts who offer essay writing services keep all these things in mind while students who are new to the field tend to ignore all this stuff. 

Among them, two of the important ones are spatial order and chronological order that are effective in writing essays and provide students essay writing help. 

  • Spatial order: Remember writing descriptive essays? What do you actually do in this essay? You either give a detailed description of certain things or narrate the events in a logical manner. 

This is done because until and unless a logical flow of events is provided to the readers, the description always seems incomplete. Writing an impressive descriptive essay depends upon the pattern you choose to write the same. Thus in this type of essay, we use the spatial order of logical organization. 

It means that the things or events are described as they were happening in front of the person describing them. Precisely and to be more specific, spatial order is a principle in descriptive writing wherein events are mentioned in the order of their appearance. 

This helped provide the reader a clear picture of the situation although he was not present at the time event was happening. Readers get a glimpse of the exact picture from the viewpoint of the writer. 

Therefore, it is required that the writer chooses a clear starting point, moves in a logical progression of events, and then mentions a clear ending. 

For example, if you are describing a historical monument like the Imambara in Lucknow, you will do it in this way: 

The road that takes you to the monument itself has never been altered. It is made of Lakhauri bricks, hard to find today but common in the medieval era. The monument welcomes you with a huge gate followed by a big garden and a long pathway and leads you to the residence of Nawab Asif-ud-Daulah…. 

This way you can go on to elaborate whatever you saw and side by side the readers would keep getting a clear picture as if they themselves are present at the location. 

Not only this, but you can also use spatial order to describe a person as well as a place. But how do you recognize whether what you are reading is in spatial order or not? This is indicated by certain prepositions like into, against, between, next to, below, beside, beneath, etc. 

So basically you are giving a mental picture to your readers and for this, you must write this essay from the perspective of the reader using these transition words mentioned above. Know what you want to emphasize and what you just want to give a glimpse of and proceed with writing. This will definitely provide you with essay writing help.

  • Chronological order: As the name suggests, this type of pattern follows a chronology of narration of events. Chronological order is used in the writing of narrative essays wherein you narrate the events as they happened when the narrator was present. Assignment help is necessary to help students grow their mind skills.

For example, when you tell a story, you begin with the events that lead to the start of the story, then you talk about the main events happening thereafter and then you mention the end of the story. 

Avoid jumping from the present to the past because you forgot to mention a particular detail earlier. This method is important when you are working on the cause and effect essays because then if you disturb the sequence the relation between cause and effect can be disturbed. 

Therefore, if you want to derive the outcomes conveniently, follow the chronological order of narration. For example, if you are writing a biographical essay using this technique, you will definitely start with the birth of the person, mentioning the early childhood days, and then going on to narrate the important events that lead to becoming the person they are. Therefore, when you are writing a chronological essay, you must first arrange the events in your mind and then put them into words.

Both spatial order and chronological order affect the readability of your text in turn offering you essay writing help. Experts offering these essay writing services, give more importance to these two techniques. Therefore, remember these as well as the other mentioned patterns of logical organization in an essay and give your essay an impressive look.