What Features to Look for In a Family-Friendly Laptop

What Features to Look for In a Family-Friendly Laptop
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As a parent, you’ve probably noticed that kids are using technology at a younger and younger age. Part of this can be attributed to functionality whereas another part of it is the entertainment uses technology can offer. If you’re a parent who is considering purchasing their first family-friendly laptop that your young kids and the adults in the house can use, then you’ve likely got a unique set of needs and wants. Because this is the first family-friendly laptop you’re purchasing, you want it to be a positive experience for all.

Let’s take a look at some of the features you’ll want to look for as you start the shopping process.

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Think In Terms of Future Needs

Before diving too deep into the particulars, the first tip is your mindset. If you’re looking to purchase a laptop that is “good enough” for now, chances are very high you’ll need to replace it not far down the road. Technology changes and evolves in a blink of an eye, so if you purchase a laptop that barely fills your needs now, you can bet it won’t last long.

Experts recommend that you think in terms of your future needs. What will you and the kids need six months, one year and even two years from now in a device? This likely means you should upgrade the processor, storage size, memory and so forth. The base model probably won’t be enough for an entire family with different needs and expectations.

Make the Processor the Splurge Feature

The processor is one feature that can be well worth splurging on. This goes back to the above-mentioned point in regards to future needs. The more powerful the processor, the easier it can handle all the tasks and requests of a family. This means the adults could use it for checking emails and working from home, while the kids can use it for streaming and gaming. The Intel Core i9 laptops can satisfy the whole household as they have a much more powerful processor than the base models.

Get a Full-Sized Keyboard

If you’ve never bought a laptop, or worked on one in the past, then you may not know they have different sized keyboards. Because the kids will be using it, you want the experience to be smooth and user-friendly. This is why it’s worth getting a full-sized keyboard. Even the adults will appreciate this feature.

Is It Durable?

No one wants to think about dropping the new laptop or spilling food/beverages on it, but life with kids can often include accidents like these. When reading about the laptop, look for words such as rugged and reliable so you know it can hold up to the unexpected. It also makes sense to store the laptop in a drop and spill-proof case when not in use.

All of these features should register high on the list of priorities when shopping for a family-friendly laptop. It’s all about spending your money wisely.