What Does An Efficiency Apartment Mean?

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Efficiency apartments are becoming very popular in the market today. They refer to a small, open-spaced unit where the dining, living, kitchen, and sleeping areas are in one room with a separate bathroom. They are often termed a “studio apartment.” You can find these studio apartments for rent in Eatonville.

They are often referred to as bachelor apartments and are about 200 square feet in size.

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What are the key traits of an efficient apartment?

The following are the key traits of an efficient apartment-

  • Has a single space for cooking, living, dining, sleeping etc.
  • There are separate bathrooms with showers over bathtubs for space constraints.
  • They have kitchenettes that are built along a single wall over a completely equipped separate kitchen
  • Some efficient apartments might not have a kitchenette but contain basic cooking tools like an electric kettle, hot plate, microwave, and mini-refrigerator to keep your food.
  • Different layouts with a strong focus on efficient use of space
  • Will have furniture that saves space, for example, in-built beds.

Advantages of these apartments

Efficiency apartments have the following benefits-

  • They are simple for you to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for people who like to stay alone
  • Perfect for minimalists
  • Generally, less costly than other apartments
  • Eco-friendly in nature as it consumes less energy

Decorating tips for your efficient apartment

Given below are some key decorating tips for your efficient apartment-

  1. To optimize the space in the apartment, consider investing in multi-purpose furniture like Murphy beds, ottomans with inbuilt storage, dining tables that expand, sofa-cum-beds etc. In addition, choose vibrant cushion covers and furnishings to decorate the space.
  2. For storage, ensure you optimize the vertical wall space.
  3. For making your apartment look bigger, use light colours.
  4. Paint ceilings, walls and trim them in the same colour for creating an airy feeling. Use one shade for painting your apartment. You can go in for neutral shades or opt for bold shades with saturated shades.
  5. Install mirrors in dark colours and across windows to bounce the light around and add extra views and perspectives
  6. Choose furniture that is small in size so that they fit your space conveniently.
  7. You can create an interior flow by defining different areas with rugs, room dividers, placement and smart space planning.
  8. When you are placing your bed, make sure it is separated from the rest of the area. You should create a divider for separating the bed from the other spaces. You can use bookcases, curtains and folding screens.
  9. Make sure you do not over-clutter space. Keep your space neat and clean as this creates a warm and visual appeal.

Last but not least, you should shy away from using antiques in your efficiency or studio apartment. Just because you live in a modern apartment does not mean you should keep antiques in the space. There are several petite home décor options available in the market to sync in with your efficiency/studio apartment so that you can bring in a collected and personal vibe to your living space with success.

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