What are the top 10 feeding essentials for new parents?

What are the top 10 feeding essentials for new parents?
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Starting solid foods is an amazing milestone for both babies and parents! It opens up a world of new flavours and experiences for babies and gives parents a chance to interact with their little ones during mealtimes. If you are getting ready to start solids with your baby, check out our list of the top 10 feeding essentials for new parents. From high chairs to spoons, we have got you covered! All of these essentials will help keep your baby healthy and happy. And as a bonus, using the Mumzworld code at checkout will get you extra discounts on all of these must-haves.

Top 10 Feeding Essentials for New Parents

From spill-proof bibs to easy-to-clean mats, here is everything you need to focus on bonding with your little one during this special milestone.

  1. A high chair: A good quality high chair is a must for any parent starting their baby on solid foods. Not only will it make mealtime easier for you, but it will also help your little one learn how to eat independently. Look for a high chair with adjustable height and depth settings so that it can change with your baby, and be sure to choose one with a wide base to prevent tipping.
  2. Spoons: You will need spoons of various sizes to feed your baby comfortably. Start with larger spoons for purees and smaller spoons for self-feeding as your baby grows. Invest in a set of soft-tipped silicone spoons to avoid scratches on your little one’s gums.
  3. Bowls and plates: like spoons, you will want to have several bowls and plates on hand in different sizes. For younger babies starting solids, look for shallow bowls with suction bases to prevent spills. As your baby grows and becomes more self-sufficient, switch to sturdier plates with divided sections to make mealtime easier.
  4. Sippy cups: Sippy cups are great for transitioning your baby from bottle to cup. Look for ones with soft silicone spouts or valves to protect your little one’s teeth, and be sure to get a size that’s comfortable for small hands to grip. While buying these cups, do check Mumzworld coupons to get an extra off.
  5. Bibs: Mealtime can be messy, so be sure to have plenty of bibs on hand! Look for bibs with long sleeves or built-in pockets to catch food before it hits the floor, and opt for machine-washable materials like cotton or bamboo for easy clean-up.
  6. Burp cloths: Burp cloths are essential for preventing stains on clothes (yours or your baby’s!). Choose ones that are thick and absorbent, and keep several within reach during mealtimes in case of accidents.
  7. Baby food maker: A baby food maker is a great investment if you plan on making your own puree at home. These all-in-one machines can steam, chop, and blend food into a smooth consistency, making meal prep quick and easy.
  8. Utensils: In addition to spoons, you’ll need some other utensils on hand for feeding time. Forks can be used to mash up softer foods, while tongs can help you grab pieces of food from hard-to-reach places.
  9. Highchair cover: A highchair cover is a must if you’re using a wooden or upholstered chair at mealtimes—it will protect the furniture from spills and stains! Choose a machine-washable fabric like denim or canvas for easy clean-up.
  10. Mealtime mat: Last but not least, don’t forget about a mat to catch any stray pieces of food (or crumbs!) during mealtime. Place it underneath the high chair or wherever your little one likes to eat, and choose a mat that can be easily wiped clean or thrown in the washing machine.”

Tips for Cleaning Your Baby’s Feeding Essentials

From your baby’s bottles and nipples to their high chair and bibs, it’s important to keep everything clean and sanitised to prevent the spread of illness.

Cleaning Your Baby’s Bottles

One of the most important things you can do to keep your baby healthy is to clean their bottles after every use. Whether you’re using formula or breast milk, washing each bottle thoroughly is important. Start by taking all of the parts—the bottle, the nipple, the cap—apart and rinsing them in warm water. Next, wash each piece with soap and water, making sure to scrub the nipple well. Finally, rinse everything off again and allow the parts to air dry before putting the bottle back together.

Cleaning Your Baby’s High Chair

Your baby’s high chair is another essential that needs to be kept clean. After each mealtime, wipe down the tray with a damp cloth or sponge. Pay special attention to any nooks and crannies where food might be hiding! Once you’ve removed all the food debris, give the tray a once-over with disinfecting wipes. If your high chair has removable cushions, be sure to wash those according to the manufacturer’s instructions—usually, this means putting them in your washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Bibs & Burp Clothes

Bibs and burp clothes are lifesavers when it comes to mealtime—but they can also end up pretty dirty! To clean them after each use, simply throw them in your washing machine on a gentle cycle. If they’re particularly stained, you can pre-treat them with a stain remover before washing them. As always, check the care labels first to see if there are any special instructions.


As a new parent, it can be stressful trying to figure out what you need to buy and how to feed your child. Hopefully, this list of the top 10 feeding essentials for parents will help make things a little bit easier for you. These items will help get your baby off to a good start in life, from bottles and formula to healthy snacks and utensils. Also, use the code for Mumzworld at checkout for extra discounts on all of these products – we know you’ll need them!