Weight Vest 101: Benefits of Using A Weighted Vest while doing Calisthenics routine

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Calisthenics seems to be the rage on Instagram right now. And, who wouldn’t want to bust out those moves? Calisthenics is the perfect group of exercises if you are looking to stay fit, increase strength and at the same time work your core. The following post is the ultimate guide to Calisthenics that you will ever need. Keep in mind, from beginners to experts; everyone needs Calisthenics in their life to improve the fitness level.

An introduction to Calisthenics

The word derived from two ancient Greek words, “kallos” and “sthenos,” translates into beauty and strength, respectively. However, there is a lot more than the gravity-defying Instagram moves when it comes to practicing Calisthenics. It would be best if you remembered that this group of exercises fall under the category of complex movement, which means you will be training multiple muscle groups and parts of your body with every single movement.

The benefits of Calisthenics

There are several benefits of Calisthenics as opposed to the multi-gym and home gym solutions. It is all about training your body with its weight. This means you can spend low and save a lot of money on buying expensive equipment and home gym materials right off the bat. All you need to do is visit your local park.

Here are the primary advantages of Calisthenics with the best weight vest.

  • Improve overall strength of the body without the use of weights
  • Calisthenics are easy on your bone joints and ligaments
  • Increase your mobility, agility, and core strength without spending money on gym sessions
  • Gain control over muscle movements, body posture, and other details
  • Calisthenics promote mindfulness and allows you to execute better body movements
  • Calisthenics are addictive, and once you get the hang of it, you will devote your free time to getting back in shape

Since you will be training your body with your body weight, you can go for weight vests after getting used to your training regimen to increase the load.

Calisthenics – more than just party tricks

Indeed, we all have that one friend who can do handstands for fun and are a rage at the parties. Yes, you guessed it right – handstands along with cartwheels and summersaults are all part of Calisthenics, some more advanced than the others. Squats, dibs, and leg raises are all Calisthenic exercises too. It is vital to remember that you might not even more beyond a couple of reps in the first few weeks. But that is the point of the venture. Keep in mind those popular Instagram posts didn’t just materialize out of thin air – today’s expert started at the same place you are going to, so do not lose heart and motivation.

If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle due to the ongoing Covid pandemic and the lockdown, then instead of signing up at the local gym and working with weights, try Calisthenics to get better results. It is the best form of exercise for inactive lifestyles.

Weighted Vests

If you are looking to boost up your calisthenics routine, consider using one of the weighted vests on the market today.  The vests will help increase the intensity and efficiency of your workout. You are able to perform any of your regular exercises with the added benefit of the weighted vest.

The vests will help your overall performance and help you improve your endurance, agility, and strength. Your entire core and cardiovascular system are worked while wearing the vest. Wearing the vest during a workout can help burn more calories than a stand-alone exercise and will help increase bone strength.

Some vests come with adjustable weights, allowing you to increase the intensity the longer you use it. Doing this enables you to avoid any plateaus by using the same number of weights over a long period. The more you push yourself, the better results you will see.

Finally, it’s ideal to choose a weighted vest that represents 4-10% of your body weight. Going too heavy can cause injury. Beginners should start with a smaller weight as they build their stamina. In addition, weighted vests should not be worn all day. It’s best to only wear them during exercise.



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