Video Conversion to Digital: Additional Tips & Tricks Worth Knowing

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People of a certain age remember the good old days of filming the good times on camcorders and playing them back on VHS tapes. While VHS was the peak of human photography and memory capture technology at the time, it was not meant to last forever.

Tapes can wear down, break easily, or even disintegrate over time. Your best bet is to transfer them to a more permanent, easily shareable, and eminently storable digital format. Here are some tips to help you do that better and faster.

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Converting Old VHS Tapes to Digital at Home

Many people have decided to opt for the DIY approach and transfer their memorable VHS tapes to a digital format. You will need a few pieces of equipment to convert old VHS tapes to digital at home.

  1. A VHS player: This is needed to play the tapes and send the video signal to the next piece of equipment.
  2. A video capture device: This device connects to your computer and captures the video signal from the VHS player. Many different types of video capture devices are available, such as USB devices or PCI cards.
  3. Software: Once the video signal is captured, you will need software to convert the analog signal to digital. Many different software options are available, such as Elgato Video Capture or Roxio Easy VHS to DVD.
  4. A computer: This is needed to run the software and store the digital files.

Once you have all the equipment, converting VHS tapes to digital is relatively simple. You will need to connect the VHS player to the video capture device and connect the video capture device to your computer. Then you can use the software to capture the video signal and convert it to a digital format. Once the conversion is complete, you can save the digital files to your computer.

Other Tips and Tricks for Converting VHS to Digital You Should Know

The best way to do something yourself is to know the tips and tricks for getting the job done quicker and more accurately. Check out some ideas to help convert your VHS tapes to digital from home.

  1. A TV is unnecessary: Once the VHS tapes have been converted to digital, you can view the videos on your computer without needing a TV.
  2. No advanced video editing skills required: Many video conversion software options include simple video editing features, such as the ability to trim out static or video glitches.
  3. Cost-effective: You don’t need much money to convert your VHS tapes to digital. There are many affordable video conversion devices and software options available.
  4. Backup: Remember to back up your converted videos, as they may be irreplaceable.
  5. Work with a video conversion expert: If you have an extensive collection of VHS tapes or if you have tapes that are in poor condition, it may be helpful to work with a video conversion expert. They can ensure that your tapes are converted correctly and that the quality of the digital videos is as high as possible.
  6. Capture’s video transfer to digital service: Capture offers a video transfer to digital service that can convert your VHS tapes to digital files. They use professional equipment and software and can also clean up and edit the videos to remove any glitches or static.

With these tips, you will have an excellent chance of transferring your VHS memories to digital without any problems.


Many people are do-it-yourselfers who are handy with electronics and technology. If that sounds like you, the tips we shared here can help. However, the equipment needed to properly transfer old VHS tapes to more stable and better-quality digital formats is specialized and could be challenging to locate.

An excellent idea for transferring tapes to digital is to take them to a professional video transfer service. These businesses can ensure high-quality transfers quickly at a fair price. Don’t let your tapes degrade any longer; get them transferred to digital today!