Types of Wigs

Types of Wigs

While we all want options when it comes to our wigs, it is important to understand that not all wigs are created equal. With some opting for more length and others staying tried and true to a natural texture, it is important to understand how to achieve our desired outcome with the wig that we have. Here is a list of different wig features, and what is the best way to style each type.

  • Hair Material
    • Natural
      • Natural wigs can be treated like real hair. From relaxers to conditioning treatments and every other practice under the sun, these wigs are meant to be treated like another head of hair. Use this type of wig to achieve whatever look you would like.
    • Synthetic
      • Synthetic wigs must be treated very carefully since they are not made of real hair. A lot of the time, synthetic hair is made of plastic and can react poorly with chemicals and styling tools, which can make the plastic melt and singe. This will leave you with a wig of melted plastic and no way of fixing it. These wigs are best for cutting into an alternate style, like an angled straight bob or long tresses. They can also be used for updo’s and braids.
  • Types of wigs
    • Polyurethane
      • These wigs are structured on a piece of flesh-colored polyurethane to blend into the wearer’s scalp and skin tone. This is not a breathable material, so it is best for a night out and not for everyday wear. It also does not have a super tight fit to the head, which makes it appear less natural-looking than other wig types.
    • Mesh
      • Mesh wigs are easily the most breathable and versatile wig types. Made with hand-tied hair, these wigs look natural and blend easily into the rest of the hair. These can be used for virtually any style you can think of. The largest downside to this type of wig is that it is usually the least affordable type.
    • Combination
      • Made with a combination of both polyurethane and mesh, this is a great option for those who want the look of mesh without the hefty price tag.

Whether you are looking for a wig for a specific occasion or simply wanting to try a new style, there are many factors to consider when looking for a wig. From synthetic options that require less maintenance to natural options that can be styled to whatever look you are wanting to achieve that day, there are many wigs that can work for your look. Peruse a hair store today.


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