Top Tips on Using Photo Backdrops to Make Your Photos Pop

Top Tips on Using Photo Backdrops to Make Your Photos Pop

All experienced photographers will vouch the backdrop of a photo is as important as the subject because the two need to work in harmony to produce a truly outstanding result. Additionally, factors like the camera angle, the position of the subject, depth, lighting, etc., all need to come together perfectly to create the desired impact. No wonder photography is a fusion of science and art and can take many years of dedicated effort to master. If photography is your profession, you will need to invest in some good-quality photography backdrops. They will help bring focus on your subjects and make them happy with the final results. Some tips on working with photo backdrops to achieve good results:

Get the Lighting Right

It will not be overstating the obvious that lighting can make or break a photograph. Even the best subjects will not look good unless the backdrop provides appropriate contrast. If the background is too dark, it can make the subject look unflattering, while if the backdrop is too light, it can be distracting and shift the focus away from the subject.

Focus On the Subject

Regardless of how awesome the background is, remember you need to photograph the subject, not the background. Unless you keep the focus firmly on the subject, it can be all too easy to let the custom backdrops overpower the subject. It is vital to remember that your primary focus has to be on the subject and use the background as a supporting tool to provide contrast and make the photo composition interesting.

Don’t Forget the Details

It is important to pay attention to detail to avoid spoiling your photograph inadvertently. If you are shooting outdoors, it is all too easy to ignore the effect of small things like branches of trees, power lines, shadows, etc. that can make the subject look funny. Look hard at your viewfinder before clicking to be sure that you have the perfect composition.

Use Backdrops to Create the Right Effect

Depending on what your customers want, you can transport them anywhere in the world or beyond by using appropriate photo backdrops. However, you must use a backdrop that supports the theme discussed earlier with the customer. For example, if you are shooting a couple dressed in party attire, you will not want to photograph them against a backdrop of a sunny beach.

Avoid Using Shiny Backdrops

Glittering backdrops may look appealing, but they don’t photograph well due to the glare created by the lights. It is better to use backdrops with a matte finish because they don’t shine or produce peculiar light effects due to the reflection. Matte vinyl backdrops are affordable and easy to maintain because you can wipe off stains with a damp cloth. According to Rolling Stone, you should never fold vinyl backdrops but keep them rolled up to avoid creases.


In addition to the tips discussed, one of the most important things you need to remember when using a backdrop is to retain your sense of proportion. All the other props you use must not be disproportionate to the objects in the backdrop; otherwise, the resulting shot will not be believable.