Top Things to Consider When Buying a Dining Table

Top Things to Consider When Buying a Dining Table

Today’s dining room table options offer something for every taste and budget. It’s important to take the time to consider your needs before heading to the furniture store or shopping online. Having accurate measurements of your dining room and making sure the table is well made are just some of the things to pay attention to. Knowing exactly which kind of table you need will save you from regretting your purchase down the road. Here are the top factors to consider when buying a dining table

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One of the most important factors to consider when buying a dining room table is size. The table is likely to be the biggest thing in the room, so take accurate measurements of your home to ensure a proper fit. Décor experts recommend leaving at least three feet of space around your table. This allows people to sit in their chairs comfortably and move around the room without difficulty. If you entertain large parties, opt for a larger table. However, you may want to choose a smaller table if you don’t use the room very often or have a smaller family. If you have a small room but enjoy hosting, select a table with a removable leaf to customize the size as needed.


Selecting a material for your dining table will depend on your style preferences, budget, and how you use your dining room. Wood is a classic and popular choice because of its durability. It’s also an easy material to repair should any damage occur. If you like the look of wood but are seeking a cheaper alternative, veneer tables are a great option. Upscale stone tables made of marble or quartz are durable, however, they stain easily and are prone to cracks and chips. Metal tables offer a more modern look and are less expensive than other options, but they are tougher to keep clean. 


The most popular dining room table shapes are square and rectangular. These tables come in an endless selection of materials and sizes. One downside to these shapes is that their corners can make them difficult to maneuver around, especially in smaller dining rooms. Oval and round dining tables are a bit less conventional, but they’re great choices for hosting dinner parties. Round tables allow everyone to see each other easily and there’s no head of the table. A drawback to the oval or round shape has less space for place settings compared to rectangular or square. 


Before you finalize your purchase on a new dining room table, make sure it’s well-made. Your table should be sturdy and have an attractive-looking, yet durable finish. Inspect floor samples at the furniture store and check to see how the table components are joined together. Furniture pieced together with staples and glue won’t last as long as those pieces made by an expert craftsman. A dining table is a piece of furniture most homeowners hold onto for decades, so make sure yours will hold up.