Top Security Features to Look for in PCs and Printers

PCs and Printers
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Businesses need professional-grade computers with unique hardware and software features. Today, security has become one of the major concerns for businesses. In fact, devices like printers have turned into a potential target for cybercriminals like hackers. More than 50 per cent of companies in places like France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany encountered a data breach related to print in the preceding year. At the same time, there is a myriad of security features in the products distributed by HP distributors in Australia. For enterprises, the need of the hour is to distinguish a model that has robust security functionalities.


Let us explore some of the top security features you should consider for your next laptop, business desktop, or printer.


Security Features in Laptop


1.    Enterprise-Grade Security

Remote working may include having to access confidential data at public hotspots. In such a case, the system should have built-in hardware security. It means data encryption that prevents the occurrence of hacking and theft and also two-factor authentication. Other significant built-in protection includes pre-boot authentication, remote wiping capacity, and self-encrypting drive. Products that are obtained from authorised HP distributors in Australia comprise enterprise-grade security.


2.    A Kind of Physical Security

There needs to be a kind of physical security in your laptop. It can be in the form of any third-party lock slot that will allow you to install a physical locking cable that is fastened to an immovable entity. Built-in GPS also enables location tracking, but it needs proper wi-fi connectivity.


3.    Biometrics

It means your fingerprints and photo. Webcams are present in most systems. But they can be hacked. So, the webcam in your laptop should have a privacy shutter that should automatically close when you are not using the webcam. Features like fingerprint readers and IR webcam strengthens security, and they also provide password protection. Reputed HP distributors in Australia provide cutting-edge solutions to retail outlets, where security is given prominence.


Security Functionality in a Business Printer

Not many people think about the printer getting hacked. But it can occur, so you need to look for certain security features before purchasing a business printer. These include:


  • Real-time detection – If the printer can recognise malware attacks in real-time, it will immensely help you protect yourself from breaches.
  • Automated remediation – Never forget to provide constant assessments and automated remediation. It will help you identify and report non-compliant functionalities. The security solution, on its own, implements the policies to the functionalities.
  • Validation of software – Software validation ensures that your business printer has the current version of the firmware. The printer software syncs with the hardware function and imparts security.
  • Run-time intrusion detection – This functionality recognises issues in the memory of the system and safeguards the printer when it is linked to the network. The intelligent functionality of run-time intrusion detection immediately identifies any kind of malware intrusion during complex system memory operations. It also eliminates the occurrence of memory corruption by validating the memory space.




A security breach can cost businesses a lot. So, it is essential to invest in a model that has top-notch security features that keep your data protected all the time.



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