Top 6 Tips for Your New Fabulous Hairstyle with Hair Extensions

Top 6 Tips for Your New Fabulous Hairstyle with Hair Extensions

Women worldwide usually want their fine and thin hair to seem thicker, fuller, and longer. But waiting to have short hair grow out usually takes too long. All those food supplements and hair-growth products don’t work. What’s wrong?

As beautiful hair demonstrates a woman’s personality, there is a simple way to enhance your hairstyle and overall look. Whether you want to add length or volume or to experiment, there is a solution – hair extensions. But keep in mind that your hairstyle has to look as natural as possible!

We present you with six ways to create a unique hairstyle with extensions that look just fabulous.

Not all extensions are equal

Your hair texture and the look you are trying to achieve will determine the best ones for you. For example, sew-in hair extensions are literally “sewn” onto cornrows made with your hair and braiding hair technique for durability. The benefits of this technique are that anyone can try it and that the hair looks naturally long. Besides, sew-ins promote hair growth, according to famous hairstylists.

Tape-in and clip-in methods

This is another prevalent method. The hair extensions are placed on the thin tapes and inserted between natural strands of your hair. They don’t seem huge if you do this part correctly. These kinds of hair extensions are invisible and look pretty realistic. On the other hand, the clip-in method is suitable for busy women and those who don’t have enough experience with hair extensions. Additionally, the clip-in is the best option if you want temporary long hair or to add some volume.

Hand-tied extensions

If you want to get thicker and longer yet natural-looking hair, the fastest way is opting for hand-tied extensions. Your stylist will first apply silicone-lined copper beads, one next to another, to a tiny section of your hair and then clip the wefts on top and sew the extensions. That method usually implies U-shaped rows across the back of the head. This extension is the best solution for women who want to add significant volume or length to their hair. Although hand-tied extensions are attractive and look natural, unfortunately, they are not affordable for everyone. They are the most popular among celebrities.

Pre-style and straighten your hair together with extensions before styling

Using trendy hair extensions will help you achieve the hairstyle you desire. But it is also important to style your hair extensions before using them. Do not use heat on your wefts and your natural hair because it can significantly damage the hair. On the other hand, you don’t want it to be dull and dry, do you? With that in mind, you can braid your extensions and hair before going to bed or heatlessly create curls by using hair rollers.

If you don’t have time for pre-styling your extensions or your natural hair blends with your wefts, you can use a hair straightener to straighten your hair while your extensions are on it. Then, you can leave your hairstyle straight or continue with styling. This trick can help you quickly and invisibly blend your natural hair with the extensions. Yet, don’t do it too often since it includes using heat.

Pre-style and straighten your hair together with extensions before styling

A ponytail or braiding during sleeping time

While you are sleeping, your hair and your hair extensions will get tangled. But brushing it the following day is not a good idea because some pieces of your hair could fall out. Therefore, you should remove extensions whenever possible.

However, it is not always a practical solution; so instead, braid your hair or put it in a ponytail. In that way, you will avoid waking up with messy hair.

Use silk or satin pillow

Before going to bed, use a small soft brush, gently brush the area where your extensions connect with your natural hair and then lay down on a silky or satin pillowcase. It will prevent the dryness of the hair. You can also wrap your hair with a silk or satin fabric.

Long story short, the truth is that hair extension can completely transform your hair and your overall look. With proper care and knowing how to style your hair, the whole process will be much easier. If you keep this in mind, your extensions could last a year.