Tips for Buying Your First Crossover

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If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, chances are a crossover is at least one option you’re considering. How do you make that decision in a way that ensures you stay happy with your choice? Follow these tips and you can be sure to do so!

Deciding: Crossover or Car?

If you’ve only owned and driven cars, this step may feel like the biggest: deciding if you really want or need a crossover. For instance, say you’re looking for a new Nissan for sale; do you just want a newer version of your beloved Maxima, or is it time to go Rogue?

If you have kids—even one kid—you already know in your heart that you’re getting a crossover. Crossovers have a lot of the features that minivans used to have, which means they are ideal for families. The need for cargo space is another major decider for people looking to move up from car to crossover. Towing is likewise not really associated with cars, and today’s crossovers have got moderate towing capacity, though less than full SUVs.

Money and Must-Haves

Before you head out to any dealerships, you’ll want a firm idea of your car-buying needs and limitations. The main limitation you’ll likely consider is the family budget. Compared to a smaller car, crossovers will usually cost a little more to own. Part of this can be attributed to higher weight and thus lower fuel mileage in crossovers with conventional engines. Due to its many desirable features, the initial price of a crossover can be higher than a sedan of the same make; however, they often retain more of their value as well.

Knowing the “bottom line” for how much you can spend will focus your mind on which features are necessary rather than just nice. Options that increase passenger comfort may seem more or less important depending on whether you’re making quick school runs every day, or regularly hauling a bunch of adults on long road trips. Likewise, an enhanced ability to fold down or remove seats may be impressive, but ask yourself how often you’ll truly need to do that.

The Crossover That Fits

The great thing about shopping for a crossover is the large variety of vehicles in this class; then again, that also makes choosing the one for you more challenging. The fastest way to slim down your choices is by focusing on size. If you have a large family or lots of stuff to haul around, you can eliminate the smallest crossovers from consideration right away. Maybe you’ll also favor a larger vehicle if you feel it would be safer in a crash.

On the other hand, you may decide the smaller end of the crossover class fits you better. Though most crossovers are built on car-like frames, the larger ones can feel more like a truck to drivers who’ve only driven sedans before. If you’re really anxious about a difference in handling, you may want to choose a smaller crossover like the Nissan Kicks. Assuming you maintain safe driving practices while getting acquainted with your new vehicle, you should adjust in no time.

Start Searching for Your New Crossover!

Both the form and function of crossovers have accelerated their popularity in recent years, seemingly making them the official automotive style of our time. If you’ve decided that your next car will be a crossover, cost, comfort, and cargo will likely drive your decision.