Things you Should Consider Regarding React Native security

Things you Should Consider Regarding React Native security

Once developers choose to use React Native as that of a platform for their overall mobile apps, they ponder about the benefits of one codebase for two different platforms, enhanced development speed, and even that of advantages of TypeScript.

The point is do they really think about application security? Many people do claim that Reacts Native apps are less secure. In this post, you would get to know more about this concept and security. After all, react native security is one thing that you cannot take lightly.

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What is react Native?

Actually, react Native is a cross-platform type of solution permits allows writing native apps making use of React (JavaScript or even TypeScript). The native app performs JavaScript code with the native or that of a custom JavaScript engine in a different thread. Native JS engine makes use of the source code stored in. bundle file, whereas custom JS engines might have diverse behaviors.

Communication between the JavaScript engine and that of native parts of the application takes place with the help of the so-called Bridge: once some events take place in the native part of the app, they get turned into serialized messages, batched, and even asynchronously passed to that of the JavaScript engine. It acts in a similar way for events from a JavaScript engine to that of a native app.

Once looking at the React Native app from the security perspective, you require to examine all its parts one by one, and the communication between them too. It demands a proper understanding of iOS and that of Android native platforms, JavaScript engines, and even the connection between them. actually, you know what, this Bridge is responsible for communication between the native platform and that of the JS engine.

You must know and understand the fact that constructing React Native mobile app is not really just about forming interactive UI/UX, powerful features, and ensuring unified processing of data from the API. App’s security should be given an equal set of significance to avert the movement of attackers.

A few Protective Measures to tackle with React Native safety Hassles

Be careful about Environmental Variables

One of the React Native mobile app susceptibilities that you could encounter is getting sensitive information out of source code. It is important that you solve this issue at the early stage and then separate the concealed data from the source code. It is going to be effective for the app when manifold APIs or credentials are linked to the app that you do not really want to share with anybody. Also, make sure the reality is that you can share the source code just at times of developing any open-source project.

Another critical point to concern is not to configure your application dynamically in the absence of changing the source code. Because you skip doing the same, then your files are going to be exposed to untrustworthy and harmful entities.

One of the finest ways that you can manage the environmental variable of your React Native mobile application making use of the library of react-native-doting. You should take the help of React Native developer to make the finest use of the library and guard sensitive information.

Need of steps While Storing Sensitive Data

Just like protecting the app’s data is a crucial factor to stay away from vulnerabilities. Similarly, storing the data with the correct type of storage is authoritative to avert sensitivity. For this, you can make the finest use of Async Storage as well as Secure Store to safeguard the critical set of information.

Use of async Storage as It is an encrypted and even that of key-value storage space to keep the sensitive information of the React Native app at ease. The storage space is not shared between applications and each has its own type of sandbox environment to access the relevant data. On the other side, the storage space is even perfect to store non-sensitive types of data as well. Moreover, it is not perfect for you to store tokens and even secrets.

Secure Store is also useful and you should know about it. one important thing in which React Native lacks the maximum is devoid of possessing storage space for sensitive or confidential data. Still, one can easily make use of some pre-existing storage solutions to guard the information. Like for iOS, you can use Keychain Services that allow the overall storage of even tiny chunks of sensitive data. As for Android, there is Shared Preferences to progressively gather passwords, store tokens, and even that of other critical data or information.

SSL Pinning

Well, in case you are of the viewpoint that with HTTPS endpoints, your application is definitely going to be completely safe against vulnerabilities, then it is not really like that. There are still possibilities of attackers attacking your app overcoming the security layer of that of HTTPS. Thus, guard the same by using the feature of SSL Pinning. Yes, if you do not know about this, it is used on the client-side to avert the intrusion of man-in-the-middle type of attacks. With the use of this, an embedded list of trusted and even that of signed certificates are kept within the app during the development and growth stage. Make sure the requests get signed and in case, they are not really then, you have to depend on two libraries such as React Native Pinch and that of React Native SSL Pinning.

Stop Rooted Device Access

There are different instances when unwanted entities break out the smartphones of users. In such types of instances, it will be really vulnerable for users to store sensitive and confidential information in your React Native app. Thus, these kinds sorts of devices get unauthorized access and data turns out to be sensitive to get lost. For guarding your mobile application, use a library called Jail-Monkey.


So, if you are not sure how to do what and how can you secure everything then let experts like Appsealing professionals step in. After all, it is time that you get ahead and secure your systems and rule out any chances of attacks.

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