The Differences Between Commercial & Residential Air Conditioning

Residential Air Conditioner

There are a lot of ways by which you can differ commercial and residential air conditioners, but before we delve deep into it, you may like to find an expert view and how to attain it, thus for that you can consult from Residential Air Conditioning Santa Rosa to actually find out the better technical differences and they can demonstrate to you how to differ them and get the one you actually want for your needs through proper specifications.

The thing you have to care for whether commercial or residential one when it comes to the HVAC system is to help them function well for long, it may cost you some heavy lump sum for commercial and well base for residential one, but the one you have chosen must be maintained well so you can get functions for a better time and can enjoy more probable comforts they associate as HVAC equipment.

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General Size

The first major way to differ both comes in the form of size which is very clearly identified and you can compare them on the basis of the capacity of size in which commercial and residential systems differ in their nature.

The commercial one is generally bigger in size, comes in a larger capacity, and requires bigger space which describes their actual role compared to the position and presence of residential one for smaller places and in lesser size.


The other thing to differ them can be considered through their role to cover and where they are actually placed.

Normally you would find commercial conditioners to be placed in business platforms, larger working spaces, and in bigger boundaries, whereas residential ones as the name suggest having a smaller area to cover including the places at home and limited rooms to spread out.

Nature of Drainage

Again, besides size, commercial equipment does require larger drainage to presume when it comes to actually condensing the entire area as they have to cover commercial places and make sure they remain cool through their cooling performance.

Besides, residential conditioning systems need smaller drainage as normally they have to fit in smaller places and have to be in a limited frequency of running compared to all the time requirements of the commercial equipment.

Actual Set Up

Lastly, commercial equipment may require different types of experts who know how to set them up according to space, progress, performance and provide better Maintenance services to keep them functioning for a larger working space.

However, for residential equipment, you may ask for those specialists who know how to handle smaller equipment and can assure that your devices continue to run better whether heating or conditioning one, so the actual setup of both also makes differences in them accordingly.

To understand it better, to recognize how you may differ in both through technical aspect and to get better professional views, you can be in touch with experts such as Residential air conditioning Santa Roza where experts are available to explain it well to you, to realize how to differentiate and it helps you to choose residential one for your own home or commercial one for workspace.

There is a way to identify your choice, take your budget, to consider why you want it, and on that basis, you can choose either residential or commercial HVAC equipment for your place to suit your wants.


All you have to consider in the context of HVAC Systems is that they do ask for maintenance from time to time whether commercial or residential, so you do come in touch with proficient groups who can help you with better performance.

You can select whichever may suit you well to fit in your actual needs through the right decision to count through such systems.

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