The Definitive Guide to 2022’s Best Enzyme Cleaners

The Definitive Guide to 2022’s Best Enzyme Cleaners

In recent times, you may have heard people talking about enzyme cleaners (especially pet owners). Is it just a fad? No, enzyme cleaners are incredible products that utilise a biological process to break down both stains and odours. As a pet owner, you can imagine the benefits that products of this nature bring.

For one thing, you can break down stains and odours to prevent your pets from using the same spots as a toilet. What’s more, the product works on all different materials and attacks even the most challenging stains.

How to Find the Best Enzyme Cleaner

When searching for enzyme cleaners on the internet, you’ll immediately find lots of different brand names. Since this can feel overwhelming, this guide will focus on finding the best products for your needs. When looking for our favourite enzyme cleaning product, it needs to meet our needs (nothing can become our favourite if it doesn’t clean properly!).

When searching for the best enzyme cleaners, one great way to start is to analyse the reviews and ratings of other customers. From here, look at the different purposes of enzyme cleaners. While some people want to clean up pet urine, others need mould removal, floor cleaning, stain removal, and other purposes from their cleaning product.

With this in mind, look for brands that specialise in your chosen area. If your main aim is to clean pet mess, look for a formula that has been designed with pets in mind. Why is this important? Because different enzymes break down different stains:

  • Proteases – Products with this enzyme can break down stains containing protein – this includes pet urine, baby formula, grass, blood, and more.
  • Mannanase – This time, the enzyme is derived from sugars and works most effectively on soup, coffee, ice cream, and other foods.
  • Cellulase – Cellulase is typically implanted in all-purpose products since it can break down dust, mud, and other common debris.
  • Amylase – Finally, amylase breaks down starch so it’s useful for baby food, tomato sauce, pasta, rice, and other starchy stains.

Even after this, you’ll find pectinase and other enzymes. If your product doesn’t have the right enzymes, it won’t work effectively on your stains (so keep this in mind!). This is why pet enzyme cleaners work best on pet stains and why other enzyme cleaners might not work so well.

Leading Enzyme Cleaners

Sticking with pet stains as an example, PetLab is a leading company in Australia for this purpose. With an advanced enzyme formula, you can rid your home of stains and odours in a matter of minutes. As discussed earlier, the fact that it also attacks the odour means that your pet shouldn’t develop a habit of visiting the same spot for the toilet in the future.

Elsewhere, you’ll find other companies like urineFREE, Rufus and Coco, and Sunny and Honey. Whatever brand you choose, make sure you check online reviews and look for products with the right enzymes for the stain that you want to clean.

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing enzyme cleaners:

  • They use good bacteria to remove bad bacteria – this means that you don’t need to use aggressive and harmful chemicals.
  • The biological reaction caused by enzyme cleaners is often more effective than chemical-based cleaners.
  • Many enzyme cleaners can continue working for several hours after the initial application.
  • You can remove stains and odours to restore your confidence in your home (no more feeling ashamed of your home because of the stains!).

There we have it; the very best enzyme cleaners contain the right enzymes for your purpose while using advanced natural formulas!