The Date function in Excel

The Date function in Excel


In the excel sheet, the mentioning of date is one of the most delicate parts of the excel sheet pattern. When we hear about a date what is the first thing that comes to our mind, the year, month, and day? Whenever the person is in search of any information maybe it’s about a person or about a shopping item then it will be easy to find by just entering the date. Dates are one of the most frequent inputs in excel and are used by many companies to keep a track of the company proceedings and events. The two main data types are quantitative and qualitative data. Quantitative data is numerical by nature and is used for real-world variables that are expressed numerically. Counts are quantitative data- for example, the number of patients currently admitted into a hospital. Measurements are also quantitative data. These data should be processed with careful examination and proper functions should be applied to them in order to avoid errors. Microsoft Excel Training helps professionals to get their teams trained and the Microsoft Excel Coursehelps the trainees to get proper knowledge of Excel and several functions involved.

Everyday Use of Date Function

We can see that the use of excels is very common nowadays. Wherever we go we can see the receptionist sitting in front of the computer and doing the data entry. In data entry, the most common work is the entry of data of any kind and it is done in an excel sheet. So, whenever they enter data they also have to mention the date in the column. Each and every data has its own timing and date, nevertheless the date may be the same but the timing always varies for each entry. We can see in the IT sector and companies using excel for their work. Excel is not only used for data entry but also for other several works. Like we can say in government office they use to keep the details of the person so in that date of birth in a person. The date is mandatory when it’s come about the date of birth their date is mandatory.

Modern-Day Applications

Nowadays we are living in a digital world with a high technology environment where all works done on the online path. In day-to-day life, IT managers get a lot of projects and they pass it to the project manager. In every team project, there is one member handling the work on the desktop for excel. So, excel is used in each and every manner for the use project. In the technical world, the candidate needs communication skills and the idea of management. For the candidate, the managing of excel is never easy for them because the wrong entry in excel can destruct the whole project.

A Brief History of Excel and Date Function

The excel dates were firstly introduced in the year 1900. And from then it was used in various places and frequently. Nevertheless, the missing thing is the time and that defines hour, minute, and second. As we are at the discussion of the excel date so we remained at date only but we should never forget that time hour, minute, and seconds matters in the excel sheet. Today, tomorrow, and yesterday are the days defining the date but it cannot be mentioned in the excel sheet. As because in the excel sheet the candidate can only enter the digits in the column of date.

Use in Professional Work Spaces

Excel dates are very useful for the candidate who work at data entry or maintenance of data. Excel provides a separate individual column to enter the date and timing. Maybe the timing not matters for them but the date is mandatory as they define a particular day. In emergency cases sometimes, the authority has to search about a particular person or about the item, so they will search with the use of excel data. Microsoft Excel dates make the work easier for the receptionist and all other technical workers. Technical workers in the digital platform are designed with high skills and a lot of understanding of terms and words. Every time when a technician uses it they have to be careful about each and every entry.