The introduction of floor scrubber services to enterprises has brought a brand new cleaning experience. Although many companies prefer to own an asset outright, a floor scrubber rental in Australia is a good option, especially for those companies that may not have enough funds to invest in a large acquisition. The development trend for sweepers or scrubbers has become more and more popular over time.

The Global market for industrial floor scrubbers reflected impressive growth surpassing a value of USD 2.9 billion in 2020 with an estimated CAGR of 8%through 2030.

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What are the benefits of renting professional sweeping services in Australia?

Cleaning Concept

At present, the replacement of the labor force with machinery has become a social trend. The concept of replacing the workforce with machinery has taken root in people’s hearts. Although ride-on type scrubbers haven’t been used for a long time, they have been used in various places such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, stations, workshops, and warehouses.


The cost of labor is increasing day by day, and while the cleaning method remains unchanged, the cost of cleaning is increasing. One of the most beneficial options to solve this problem is to get your equipment right away with renting services. Automatic scrubbers are designed to do the job of a few or a dozen cleaning employees in terms of cleaning. According to the present social transformation period, to save labor costs, businesses and organizations need automatic floor scrubbers.

High Efficiency

In offices with a vast space or messy ground, it is challenging to clean and inconvenient to use only laborers. By renting fully automatic scrubbers, the cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently and saves a lot of time, effort, and money.

Growth in business

By renting equipment, businesses can afford to buy other necessary equipment to add to their inventory or spread their immediate funds across other investments that will lead to the growth of the company. Renting provides flexibility and allows you to enjoy the benefits of upgraded technology as well as move quickly and seize other new opportunities. 

Tax benefits

Purchasing your own machine is considered a capital expense, whereas renting a machine is regarded as an operating expense and can therefore give you some tax benefits. For example, if you’re a small business in Australia, the threshold for upfront asset writeoff is $30000. If you purchase equipment for a higher price, you will need to depreciate it and then claim the tax over time.  Whereas through monthly rental payments, the tax can be 100% deductible without the need to worry about depreciation rules or tracing tax deduction over the life of your equipment. You should try independent advice from your accountant to confirm your eligibility and the tax deduction policy of your company.

Simplify ongoing costs

Monthly rental payments help make things easier and simplify things by bundling the ongoing costs into one monthly payment. When you hire cleaning equipment, you can be sure that you are getting support from a service team of technicians who know how to handle the equipment.

A floor scrubber rental allows its customers to bear the least amount of economic pressure to solve the problem of cleaning. There has been a spiraling growth in the demand for these services and will definitely be a good development.