This Is How to Tell Children You’re Planning to Move

This Is How to Tell Children You're Planning to Move
This Is How to Tell Children You're Planning to Move

As you’re planning to move, letting your children know can be delicate. Though the parents have to take care of all the logistics, a move can be even more disruptive for kids, who might not understand why they’re being uprooted.

Therefore, it’s important to be tactful and know how to communicate the news adequately. It’ll allow your children to wrap their heads around the move more easily and not feel like you’re letting them down.

This article will address how to tell kids you’re moving, stay tuned!


Deciding to Move

Kids thrive more easily with a familiar, stable environment. If you plan a move, take into account the change of surroundings that your kids will undergo, especially when it comes to school and social life.

If there have been traumatic events in your family recently, it’s best to give your kids time to adjust and postpone a move if possible.

However, sometimes the decision is out of your hands. Once you hire a listing agent and plan on selling your house, it’s time to tell the kids.


How to Plan a Move With Kids

It might seem obvious, but the most important thing to prepare your kids is to talk to them about the move.

Give them all the information you can, and do it as soon as possible. You don’t want to spring the news on them just a few days before moving.

They’re going to have questions. You should do your best to answer them truthfully. Don’t be taken aback if they have a negative reaction. They might need some time to get used to the idea, and don’t see the whole picture.

Involving your kids in the planning is a great way of making them feel like active participants. Allow them to take part in the house-hunting process or to look for a new school with you.

If they feel involved, they’ll not only feel less like victims but will also have the opportunity of learning life lessons and practicality.


If You Have Kids Younger Than 6

Young kids have the easiest time moving, as they don’t fully understand the changes involved in relocating.

However, it’s still important to provide them guidance and let them know what’s going on.

Give them very simple, clear explanations. You might try telling a story using things they know, and even act it out with their toys.

As you’re packing their belongings, you also want to make sure they understand that you’re not throwing away their things.

In their new bedroom, it might give them a sense of comfort if you arrange the furniture the same way as it was before.


Older Kids

Kids who are in elementary school may also be rather open to the move, but will still need a lot of consideration in order to go through the transition properly.

If possible, it’s better to avoid moving in the middle of the school year as it can be a lot to handle for a child.

If you have teenagers, don’t be surprised if they rebel against a move. They may be very invested in their social life at your current place, especially if they’re involved in a romantic relationship.

It’s important to let them know you’re taking their concerns into account and make them feel heard and respected.


Planning to Move With Kids

Planning to move isn’t easy, even less so when there are children to consider. Make sure to communicate with them at a level they can understand and be understanding with them.

If you have the opportunity, involve them as much as possible in the moving process to make them feel that they’re an important part of the family.

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