Tablet Repair in Plano, TX

Tablet Repair in Plano, TX

Tablets are of the highest quality – unless they are inactive. If a broken tablet screen repair or broken battery threatens your reputation, it’s time to take it to the experts at iCertifiedGeek Plano, TX! Our highly trained technicians can easily handle any tablet malfunction, including water damage and broken charger ports. All types of tablets are welcome in our store for pro tablet repair, whether you are a Google fan or need an iPad Pro fix. Come with iCertifiedGeek Tablet Repair Plano today to get your free diagnostic test!

Microsoft Tablet Repair Services

Tablets created by the PC mastermind itself are amazing tools for working and playing, but a broken Microsoft tablet makes Jack a mysterious guy. For customization, bring your Microsoft tablet to iCertifiedGeek! Our data-focused experts are experts when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing Microsoft tablet malfunctions. Stop by today to get tested for free!

Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

Screen flashing and boot loops are all common problems that can occur with Microsoft Surface Pro 4. If you are tired and frustrated with the reset button, bring your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to experts at iCertifiedGeek! Our technicians will be able to manage any technical snare easily and will work to get the job done faster.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3:

We know that your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is your favorite tablet in your arsenal, so don’t throw it away if it starts to malfunction. Instead, bring it to a specialist at iCertifiedGeek to bring it back to life! A team of helpful experts at iCertifiedGeek are both skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to repairing down Microsoft Surface Pro 3. No matter if it is a simple screen problem or a complex capture problem, iCertifiedGeek is back.

Microsoft Surface Pro:

The original Microsoft Surface Pro, turned heads when released. When the water is damaged or ends up with a cracked screen, however, the heads will rollover. Save yourself the pressure by bringing your Microsoft Surface Pro to iCertifiedGeek! Our friendly technicians are highly trained and experienced when it comes to Surface repairs. Whether your screen is cracked or your Surface Pro is completely frozen, iCertifiedGeek can restore it to its former glory.

Annoyed because your iPad Pro refuses to open? Update your tech-bestie with iPad Pro upgrade from iCertifiedGeek! No matter what the brand, our experts can identify and prepare it for you. Come in and talk to one of our friendly technologies today. If you want a nice iPad Pro fix near me, get it!

Google Tablet Repair Services

It was just a while before Google got into the tablet game, and they did that with a splash. However, if your tablet has leaked to the water and damaged the water, it’s time to bring it to the experts at iCertifiedGeek! Our friendly repair techs are actually trained and certified by Google, which makes us the best choice of high-quality repair services. Our partnership with Google also helps us find the best replacement parts for your tablet. Get the best Google tablet updates on [LOC] you can truly trust from iCertifiedGeek– book an appointment today for a free diagnostic test!

Google Pixel C fix:

Google Pixel C can be another fun laptop, but broken speakers or a cracked screen can quickly reduce your mood. When things get tough, bring your Google Pixel C to iCertifiedGeek’s advanced repair technology. Our partnership with Google allows us to boast of Google-certified experts who use Google-certified components when we fix them, which means your Google Pixel C will look like new when we’re done with it!

Google Nexus fix:

If your hot Google Nexus is hot enough to cook your breakfast, it’s time to fix it at iCertifiedGeek. No matter if your problem is extremely hot, broken screens, or anything else in between, our Google-certified repair technology will be able to diagnose and repair any problems your Google Nexus might have. We’re here to help with all kinds of Google tablet fixes by providing a friendly face and a quick, inexpensive fix.

Samsung Tablet Repair Services

Samsung tablets are some of the most advanced, high-quality tablets all around, but they are not immune to issues. Fortunately, iCertifiedGeek has partnered with Samsung to bring our customers the most complete fix and technology around! Schedule an appointment today, and get your Samsung tablet provided with one of our friendly technologies.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro:

Samsung Galaxy TabPro gives you all the tools you need to work properly, but not the tools to repair that water damage. That’s where we come in! iCertifiedGeek experts are using our partnership to find high-quality repair parts for Galaxy TabPro. By combining our technical expertise with OEM certified parts, we can offer our customers the most complete customization of Samsung Galaxy TabPro. Stop by today to get tested for free!

Samsung Galaxy Views:

The Samsung Galaxy View has a beautiful landscape design, but a hidden screen or a broken camera tends to damage the view. Bring your Samsung Galaxy View to iCertifiedGeek for professional repair, made by experts certified by Samsung itself. No matter what the problem with your Samsung Galaxy View, bring it to iCertifiedGeek to get it fixed (with strong puns)!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2:

Don’t let a broken selfie camera ruin your Snapchat experience. At iCertifiedGeek, both front and rear camera adjustments on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 are a breeze. Problems with water damage or broken screens? We put you in there, too. Schedule an appointment and get all the iCertifiedGeek tips that can help you with your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 repair needs!