Strawberry Plans

Strawberry Plans

Home grown strawberries are an excellent choice for any gardener, not only do the home grown varieties taste better than the shop bought varieties you can also make big savings by growing them yourself. Many people are trying to be more environmentally friendly, and growing your own strawberries can reduce your carbon footprint, due to the food miles clocked up by shop bought strawberries and its packaging.

Thankfully, strawberries are extremely easy to grow, and can be grown in planters, window boxes, grow bags and pots. With a little care and attention you will gave a plentiful supply of strawberries year after year. During dry periods, you will need to water strawberry plants frequently, especially if the plants are new. When watering the plants, be careful to avoid wetting the plant itself, as this can promote diseases.

Different varieties of strawberry plants are ready to harvest at different times throughout the year. Strawberries generally begin to ripen from early summer, and can be harvested from then right through to early autumn. If you want a ready supply of strawberries throughout the summer and early autumn, you can buy different varieties to spread the harvest out through this time.

Harvesting strawberry plants couldn’t be easier. When your fruits have ripened, and in most cases turned red (some strawberry plants are actually white!) just pick the strawberry fruits off the plant, and enjoy! If you have children, you might need to act fast before the eat them all! It is easy to propagate new strawberry plants, meaning you can have multiple new strawberry plants from your existing one. As a result, you can increase your supply year on year, and prepare yourself for any diseases or a lack of watering which may impact on your strawberry plants.

Chris Bowers & Sons have the widest range of fruiting plants available in the UK, with over 50 different types of strawberries plants, and have been the specialists in this area for 30 years. They are renowned for their high quality products, and have specially selected varieties which provide the best fruits and are easy to cultivate. If you feel overawed by the wide variety of strawberry plants, don’t panic, the helpful people at Chris Bowers & Sons have a helpful Strawberry Plant Buyers Guide, which will help you chose the right strawberry plants for your circumstances. In addition to a plentiful supply of strawberry plants, Chris Bowers & Sons have an excellent selection of fruit trees for sale.