Stickers or decals – the choice depends on the type of use

Stickers or decals
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For frequently changing the aesthetics of cars by decorating their exterior in different ways, people use decorative stickers known as decals that are easy to apply and remove at will.  In a way, decals are stickers only but have some specific applications meant primarily for outdoor use. When we talk about decals, the visuals of large stickers with varied designs come to our mind.

On the other hand, when we talk about vinyl stickers, the picture of smaller stickers fixed to the card windshields displaying some design or just simple smiley flashes in our mind. From the nature of use, it becomes clear that although all decals are stickers, all stickers are not decals. Keep this aspect in mind before using the terms interchangeably and even when ordering to know what you want.

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Stickers are gummy labels

On looking at the evolution of stickers, it should not escape your notice that stickers are noting, but labels meant for communication or advertisement or purely for entertainment. They have a glued undersurface for sticking onto some surface. It has a backing on wax paper that holds the sticker until removed for fixing.  Stickers can either be printed labels or made from cut vinyl depending on the kind of design, and the choice differentiates the cost. Printed stickers are cheaper than vinyl cut stickers.

Printed or vinyl cut stickers?

The nature of the use of stickers determines the surface finish, choice of colours and whether printing or vinyl pasting would be a better option. Stickers have various industrial uses in manufacturing, retail, and other industries and are a cheaper and faster option for semi-permanent labelling. The nature of use determines the longevity of the stickers, which in turn influences the choice of the sticker material.

For example, stickers are for use in labelling finished products after packing it will have a different kind of longevity than stickers used for signage.  Since signage must have better clarity and last much longer, using cut vinyl instead of printing is a better option. Moreover, you can use vinyl cut stickers outdoors, but they will last less than indoors.

Durability and print quality are both important

When choosing stickers, focus on their durability, which links to the quality of adhesion and printing. Stickers should not peel off easily when stuck to any surface, and the printed design should last long enough, at least more than the shelf life of the products.  Even if the sticker remains firmly stuck, but the printed matter fades or smudges or gets erased, it will not serve any purpose.  Stickers must remain legible throughout its life and should not peel off on their own.  Stickers can have a long life, and quality stickers can last as long as eight years.

The adhesion of stickers depends on the proper pasting of stickers by cleaning the surface properly and ensuring that the surface is smooth. Any coarseness or unevenness of the surface will reduce the adhesion of stickers that might come off quickly.



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