Some Unsaid Rules of Jewellery Mixing & Matching That Every Women Deserves to Know

Some Unsaid Rules of Jewellery Mixing & Matching That Every Women Deserves to Know

Everyone loves to steal the limelight wherever they go, and what better way to turn heads than accessorizing yourself with statement jewellery pieces? Jewellery is not just a piece of precious metal combined with gemstones and other precious elements; it is an extension of who you are. Whether you prefer keeping jewellery to the minimal or love wearing lots of jewellery pieces to express yourself, both are viable ways to stand out.

But if you’re someone who prefers to have the right amount of everything, mixing and matching jewellery pieces is for you. A coordinated jewellery look will always help you make the cut, but ensure you don’t overdo it. To help women mix and match jewellery correctly, we’ve listed down some essential jewellery mixing and matching rules that can help you up your style game.

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Focus on Only “One” Area of the Body at a Time  

If you want people to notice and compliment your jewellery, focus on one area of your body at a time. For example, if you want to experiment with bracelets, focus on only accessorizing your wrist. You can click here to get various precious bracelet designs that can be paired with charm bracelets or affirmation bracelets for a unique look. You can keep changing the focus area as and when you go out to meet people or attend different events. The way you experimented with your bracelets, the same can be done with your necklaces and earrings, but the focus should be to bring attention to one accessory and body area at a time.

Pair Everyday Jewellery with Precious Jewellery

A great mix and match option is to pair your regular jewellery with special jewellery. It not only helps bring a great contrast but also ensures you get to wear your regular jewellery on special occasions. For example, if you wear a plain gold ring on a regular basis, don’t take it off while going to a wedding or a corporate event. Instead, pair it with a gold bracelet that beautifully compliments the ring without overshadowing it. You can click over here to get an idea of the type of gold bracelets you can pair with your regular ring. You can come up with similar regular and special jewellery items to experiment with as and when you like.

Fill Your Jewellery Box with Timeless Accessories

To mix and match jewellery, you should always have a few timeless accessories that you can pair with other jewellery items, irrespective of the ongoing fashion trend. For example, you can get some vintage-inspired neckpieces that never go out of trend or get your hands on a pair of beautifully embellished earrings that can be paired with formal and informal attire. When you have such pieces in your collection, mixing and matching jewellery becomes smooth and more impactful.

If you feel overwhelmed with these rules, you can look for statement pieces that look good, even as a standalone jewellery item. You can also get chains that are made using a combination of gold and silver. While mixing metals is not common, the growing popularity of such items is pushing retailers to come up with more such options. Now that you’re aware of the golden rules, implement them straight away.