Smart Family Management Set That Makes All The Difference

Smart Family Management Set That Makes All The Difference

It is difficult to keep the family organized. Who do I play with – it’s hard to keep organized at times. Imagine trying to keep a home connected with the children who are involved in work and sports, working full-time, and having a full-time partner, too. You can easily get frustrated and unorganized and once you get there, it’s hard to get back. We’ve put together some great tips and tools to help you stay organized and mentally fit.

Keep Your Schedules Straight

Do you always arrive late or do you miss appointments because you forgot them? It happens to all of us. The calendar, chore chart and chalkboard are ready to keep your schedules straight. You can save the whole family as one calendar or individuals can have their own calendar.

Schedule Family Time

With everyone in the family busy, you may feel that you will never see each other again. A great way to make sure you have family time is to put it on the magnetic refrigerator calendar. Plan family dinners or family fun days. Put it on the calendar and make the presence mandatory and free of reschedules (unless urgent). Drawing that moment will bring you all together as a family and talk about what happened in your life.

Make Mealtime Easy

Getting hot food on the table every night is hard to figure out what to do, buying ingredients, and combining it all takes time. On the other hand, who has the money to eat out every night? Take a few minutes each week to write down what foods you want to make. Come up with a meal plan and make your own food list. I love the idea but I didn’t think I would have the courage to paint the whole fridge.

A blackboard for fridge is a great option – it comes with a sticker on the back and is easy to use, all you need to do is cut its size.

We now have a fun and creative place in the kitchen for kids to draw a doodle and write (especially helpful when preparing food). And it’s starting to work as a nomination board for appointments and a menu.

Manage Your Finances As CFO

Start your home finances as a business. Plan a family budget and stick to it. To track your progress, make sure you keep track of your expenses. Passing on receipts can be time-consuming, so use your smartphone to get into purchases as you do.

Mint has a great app to help you track what you use and what you use it for. Also, set your bills with automatic payments so you don’t have to pay your debts late. If you do not like many companies with your banking details, check that your bank has a payment option like Wells Fargo, where they send you your bills.

The easiest way to manage your family is to stay organized. Use the technology you have on your smartphone or tablet to make planning your life easier.

Do you have any tips for staying organized in this crazy world? Share with us!