Safety Standards For Baby Cribs

Safety Standards For Baby Cribs
Safety Standards For Baby Cribs

A baby crib is useful for your newborn baby as a second option to a traditional bassinet. Typically baby cribs will be used for newborn babies who are between 6 weeks to 5 years of age. The most popular crib types on the market today are convertible, which means that they can either change shape from a baby crib into a baby bed or all the way up to an adult bed. As a parent, you may be wondering look what the best baby products are for your newborn. This article will give you the information you need on these and other baby-related products.

There are many styles of baby cribs to choose from. In addition to the standard shaped baby crib, there are convertible cribs, laptop cribs, bassinet cribs, convertible toddler beds, changing tables, chests, and nurseries. Most baby cribs will come complete with a changing table, changing pad, bed skirt, sheet set, and dust ruffle. This is a good starting point for your nursery design but before you purchase to make sure that the mattress you buy meets the appropriate regulations set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Some cribs have a mattress height feature that allows the parents to adjust the mattress height to whatever height they deem safe for their baby. Parents with taller children should consider a baby crib with a higher mattress height than those with shorter children. These baby cribs can be found in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. If you are looking for a crib for a baby less than 6 months that can be used as a walk-in baby you will need to look at a crib with a drop-side crib door that does not have an upper opening.

When selecting a baby crib for your nursery there are some things you need to consider besides the color and size. You want to look at the depth of the drop-side doors as this can potentially be an issue if you have heavy infants who like to sleep on their stomachs. There is no reason that a deep bassinet cannot be used but there are designs of bassinets that have deep drop-side doors only.

Your final decision in choosing a baby crib is whether to purchase one with a daybed or a platform bed. Daybeds provide additional support for your baby and are more like a sofa during the day and a bed at night. A platform bed is a simpler design, more akin to that of a futon couch. Both types of baby cribs provide a platform for your baby and a comfortable sleeping position.

One popular baby crib that doesn’t incorporate a sideboard is a convertible bassinet or a convertible changing table. A convertible bassinet allows your baby to grow up with their baby crib and into a full-sized bed with ease and comfort. Convertible bassinets and changing tables are available in many different styles including a traditional top-down design with a drop-down platform that provides support for your baby at night and a side-to-side folding chair that allows you to turn the best bedside bassinet into a comfortable daybed.

Baby cribs come in several different sizes and quality, ranging from economical options to upscale cribs made of fine wood. Some of the most popular styles of baby crib cribs that convert into toddler beds, day beds, full-sized beds, cribs with convertible sides, convertible corners, convertible top-down, and convertible dropdown. Many crib manufacturers have incorporated technologies that allow you to select a standard mattress for your baby crib or you can choose a memory foam mattress for extra comfort. There are even some cribs that feature a safety belt to help keep your baby safe while they are sleeping. Some cribs even feature a non-skid bottom on their mattress for extra safety.

When your baby grows into a toddler, it is important to have a comfortable crib that will support your baby’s growth and development through the first year of life. As your baby ages, they will need a more sturdy baby crib that will be able to sustain their growing weight until they are ready to transition into a more comfortable crib. The importance of baby crib safety and protection should never be underestimated. Never leave your baby unattended in a baby crib and always ensure that the baby’s bedding is baby safe and secure.