Rooney also lights up as a coach. Now he saves a bankrupt club from relegation

Rooney also lights up as a coach. Now he saves a bankrupt club from relegation

More than a year has passed since the start of Wayne Rooney’s coaching career. Despite the fact that he is younger than his former Manchester United attacking partner Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney is already working at Derby as head coach. At the same time, the experience there is more than just the first experience of a legendary player in a new status. Rooney at the very start of his coaching career is close to historic success. Football betting is not the only way for bettors to entertain themselves. Try bet casino on 22Bet bookmaker website.

Wayne signed for Derby in 2019 as both player and player-manager. True, for a long time the club needed him much more on the field. In the very first game for the new team, he gave an assist, in the vast majority of matches he played for 90 minutes and immediately became the captain.

Successful work at Derby was the reason for the interest in Rooney of Premier League clubs. “Newcastle” and “Everton” in the course of this season invited him to negotiations, but he refused. The impoverished, dysfunctional Championship club Rooney never traded for very ambitious Premier League teams. And all because the Derby project became more than just a job for Rooney.

“I am committed to this club. I grew up in the Liverpool council area and I know how hard life can be. What kind of person would I be if I left the club and lay on the beach now?” he says in an interview. Now Rooney buys the necessary equipment for the Derby (for example, a drone for video surveillance) with his own money. For the legend of English football, it is not a problem to spend the night in the office, preparing for the next opponent.

At the same time, Rooney does not hide his strictness: “At the very beginning, there were a couple of players who were my teammates when I played. They weren’t ready for this. I knew they would be a problem in the locker room. Both left after three weeks. Rooney stands behind the remaining players. Derby player Curtis Davis said: “After all the news, he came up to us and said: ‘I will stand by you, I will take all the criticism.’ Moreover, Rooney is looking for contact with the audience: at the beginning of the season, he gave the fans his personal phone number to always be in touch with them.

Now in the city he was called the guardian angel. He uses universal love to motivate the team: after one of the fans sent him poems of his own composition, Rooney read them to the team before the game. And in one of the last matches on the Derby field, a small fan ran out. Strickers wanting attention from footballers is a common story, but this time the boy ran up to the coach. It seems that Rooney was not so loved even at Old Trafford.