Richmond House Fire Kills One, While Another Blaze in Roanoke Displaces Three Residents

virginia house fires in roanoke and richmond

On back-to-back days communities were rocked by two separate Virginia house fires that have left one woman dead and three displaced from their residence.

While not common, house fires are still fairly rare when the damage is this extensive and can be a startling situation for those involved and everybody in the community. Most homeowners are likely covered for damage of this type, but it is something that they should still be aware of in case of an emergency.


One Dead in Richmond Fire

Richmond Fire Department crew members arrived at the scene of a building releasing smoke at 609 W. 34th Street at 2:44 p.m. on Wednesday, March 11th.

With the blaze still burning inside, firefighters had to for entry into the residence. From there, they tracked down the flames into the kitchen, where they also found a woman in the kitchen who was later pronounced dead.

Neighbors informed responders that the car parked outside belonged to the woman who lived there, giving firefighters a sense of urgency to get inside and check the scene.

The fire was controlled at 3:29 p.m. and the Richmond Fire Department determined that the incident started as an electrical fire.

With the structure of the house potentially damaged, residents of the area might be wondering what Richmond fire damage insurance is like in their area. Virginia headlines like this can make anyone think the mountainous state is becoming relatively similar to the state of California and its wildfires. 

It’s always important for homeowners to know what an insurance claim for them would like because even in places that seem safe from fire, it’s always a possibility. Fires are breaking out in Richmond almost daily now (another story: WRIC).


Three displaced in Roanoke

The following day, another home across the state in Roanoke caught fire that houses three people. Luckily in this situation, all three individuals were not home at the time the fire started. Also, there was a dog in the house that was also safely rescued.

Crews arrived on the scene a little past 8:30 after flames were reported coming from the residence. Once there, they found heavy smoke and flames that they ended up putting out after about 15 minutes.

There is extensive damage that has been caused to the home which is slowing the investigation because some structural damage has made parts of the building unsafe. The fire department has yet to rule a cause for the fire.


Are you covered in a situation like this?

Like those in Richmond, many in the area would want to know what Roanoke house fire insurance is like, and whether they have the coverage they would need in a situation like this. And if they aren’t properly covered and need to shop around and find out what companies cover fire damage. 

House fires are rare, so most people are quite unfamiliar with the entire process of what it’s like to file an insurance claim to cover this type of situation.

It’s also just one more problem to deal with in a very stressful time for those who have lost a home, so making the process as easy as possible is important.

One of the most reliable pieces of advice for those having to file an insurance claim like this is to document everything. Not only should you keep a list of all items that have been destroyed in the fire and need to be replaced, but also write down all of your dealings with the agency in case of any disputes later on. 

Another thing to avoid is scammers. It is not uncommon for somebody posing as an adjuster for the company to snoop around after a fire and try to dupe those who are in need. As upsetting as it is that these things happen, just make sure to verify with your agency that your adjuster is legitimate.