Remodeling Your Kitchen and Making it More Kid Friendly

Remodeling Your Kitchen and Making it More Kid Friendly

The kitchen is truly the heart of your home, and with kids around, you may feel like you are permanently or constantly in the kitchen for one thing or another. With kids constantly running in and out, you want to make sure that when you remodel it, it is as kid-friendly as possible, but what is kid-friendly? You still want to have a space that you can enjoy, and you still want to have a place that you can cook, bake, and entertain in, so how do you get the remodeled and upgraded space that you want, and that is suitable for your kids too.

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Focus on Functionality

A highly functional kitchen will be easily and readily used, and it will be enjoyed at any time of the day. A functional space will be a room with space to eat, space to cook, and space to get together as a family. A functional kitchen must-have easy-to-use appliances and easy-to-maintain areas. You do not want to spend all day cooking and cleaning, so you must ensure that all of your appliances are easy to use, highly functional, and easy to clean. 

Wipeable Surfaces, Floors, and Walls are your Friends

Having surfaces, units, and flooring that are easy and quick to clean is necessary for any busy family kitchen.  You want surfaces and products that can be cleaned time and time again, and you don’t want to have to worry about damaging them in the process. So, look for washable wall paint, as sticky fingers will be all over those pristine walls within days, and look for floors that are easy to clean and that don/t show the dirt. For example, ridged or textured tiles will be more suitable than high gloss tiles that show every spec of dirt.

Go For Strong and Highly Durable Countertops

To lift a kitchen and give you a work surface that lasts, you need to invest in good quality, hard-wearing countertops. At Legacy Countertops, they know the importance of good quality, and that is why limestone, granite, and marble countertops are what they specialize in. When you are busy preparing food or cooking meals for demanding little children, accidents will naturally occur, and the last thing you want to be worrying about is scratching or marking a work surface. So get rid of this worry, don’t even think about wooden or laminate countertops, instead focus on getting counters that will look just as good in a year.

Putting Your Ideas Together

Your kitchen is not your own until you have put your stamp on it, so where you can, and as you can, you must focus on personalizing your kitchen space. You can do this by introducing colors that you love, adding dining sets that seat even the extended family members, and introducing houseplants that clean the air and look pretty. Investing time and energy into designing and planning out your kitchen is important, as this is a room that you, your kids, and other family members will spend a lot of time in.