Reasons for a Delay in Settling a Personal Injury Claim

Reasons for a Delay in Settling a Personal Injury Claim

While resolving a personal injury claim might take time, there may come a moment when you question how much longer you will have to wait for compensation. This is a complicated subject since various things might cause a delay in reaching an agreement. Sometimes there are justifiable causes for delays, and the insurance provider is being unreasonable in other instances. In most circumstances, however, New Jersey personal injury lawyers should be able to assist and expedite the settlement of a personal injury claim. We will discuss numerous reasons your injury claim may take so long to resolve.

1. Duration of Medical Treatment

It might take months to ascertain the entire degree of injuries after a personal injury event. In extreme circumstances, individuals may continue to receive medical care for years after the injury. If the doctor does not feel you have fully recovered from your injuries, you will not be discharged from therapy. Your injury case cannot be concluded until you have been released from medical care, your medical records have been given to the attorney, and your demand letter for compensation has been submitted.

2. Liability is being contested.

If the person or corporation you blame for the injury disputes liability, your case will be delayed. Settlement cannot occur unless they alter their stance or a court rules that they are at fault. Your personal injury attorney will have to acquire and prepare evidence to justify your claim, as well as evaluate the evidence given by the defendant. They will have to submit your claim to a court and seek a favorable verdict. All of this takes time.

3. Your case is going to trial.

In some instances, the insurance company denies culpability and, as a result, refuses to bargain. When this occurs, a lawsuit may be required. The process of getting to court may be extended due to the many stages involved. One of these processes is the discovery process, which might take weeks or months, depending on the intricacy of your claim.

4. Your lawyer is sluggish.

If the personal injury claim is taking too long, it is important to note that your attorney may be to blame. Perhaps they are overworked or may not be familiar with personal injury lawsuits and may be unfamiliar with the nature of the injuries, the specialized legal procedure, or both. Using a thoroughly competent lawyer is the answer to this issue.

5. A Significant Amount of Compensation Is Involved

Insurance companies will always want to avoid paying compensation. When confronted with a case that will most likely result in a considerable amount of cash in compensation, they will do everything it takes to extend the case and poke holes in your claim. Only until they have tried all of their alternatives and cannot undermine your credibility will they consider making a decent offer. Some insurance firms may utilize this strategy since badly wounded individuals may not be ready or able to wait for extended periods for recompense.


Although there is no fast method to settle a personal injury claim, there are certain unnecessary delays. If your injury claim is taking too long, consult an expert New Jersey personal injury lawyer for assistance on how to expedite it.