Quirky Homeware Ideas to Create a Unique Home

Quirky Homeware Ideas to Create a Unique Home

Decorating a home can be tedious, especially if you want to give your home a quirky personality. It takes a lot of originality to make your home attractive without making it look absurd. You need the right accessories to draw attention while others serve their traditional functions. With that said, here are some quirky homeware ideas to create a unique home:

Collect Quirky Animal Ornaments

Whether a bronze eagle on the mantle or a pigeon bearing a mirror, animal ornaments have always made a quirky addition to a setting. So if you come across one of these quirky items on sale, buy it and place it in a conspicuous part of your home. Guests will ask where you got it, giving your home a unique look.

Install Shapely Wall Hooks

How you decorate the walls can do a lot of wonders for your home decor. While arts are the go-to option for many people, you can dare to be different. Install some wall hooks in distinct shapes to give your home a quirky personality. It could be angel wings and antelope antlers. If you can’t get something so unique, order some star-shaped wall hooks and place them in a visual triangle.

Repurpose Items

To create a unique home, you need to think out of the box. Buy regular home items and use them for purposes other than their original uses. For example, convert a console table to vanity or use wine bottles as flower vases. Restore an old recliner to become an accent chair and use empty jars to hold random items.

Experiment with Materials

Creating a unique home does not require a degree in interior design. You can do a lot of wonders by yourself when you let go of your inhibitions. Join different materials and textures together to create your desired look. You can combine materials from different periods to create a unique piece. You can also mix colors and patterns that give off different vibes in a single creation.

Blend Trends from Different Eras

You need to borrow ideas from different eras to have a unique home. Don’t be constrained by what is trendy; go retro, if necessary. Mix some furniture from the midcentury modern and industrial period items. You can add futuristic-looking accents to your contemporary setting to give a distinct aura.

Image Via: 1825 Interior

Go Unexpectedly Bold

Being unique sometimes means not conforming to the rules. Add a dash of color to a somber room to break the pattern. This is where great accent pieces can make your design pop. Place a red couch by the fireplace to draw attention to the neutral tones in the room. You can also go for a mirrored ceiling in your bedroom to create a radiant reflection in your personal space.

Choose Intriguing Arts

The art you display in your home can dictate the vibe of the entire room. For instance, many people don’t understand abstract art but still get intrigued by the uniqueness of the pieces. Carefully select artworks that catch visitors’ attention and interest them in your home.

Rounding Up

Creating a unique home is easy if you have a good eye for picking distinct objects. Sometimes, the uniqueness is not about the strangeness of the items you decorate with but how you arrange them. Carefully give each item its place in your home but do not overcrowd your space. Also, remember that home design is not all about the living room. You should give some love to other rooms and make them unique in their ways.