Online Photo Search Tools That Help To Verify The Authenticity Of A Photo

Online Photo Search Tools That Help To Verify The Authenticity Of A Photo

Many online tools can help you verify the originality and authenticity of a picture. The concept of finding images or getting relevant details about them is referred to as the search by image or reverse image search technique. There are hundreds and maybe even more reverse search tools listed on the internet, but sadly, not all are easy and free to use.

We have spent a decent amount of time on research and testing of the best reverse image search platforms and below we have listed some of the top choices for you!

Those of you who are familiar with the concept of reverse image search would know that there are many benefits of making a reverse search on an image. One of these benefits includes the verification of originality & usability of the image. The tools that we have listed below would surely help you quickly verify any image you have in your pouch!

Online Reverse Image Search Tools for verification!

Here are some of the options that you can consider for verification of your favorite images:

  • Reverse Image Search by SearchEngineReports

The reverse image search tool by is among the most basic but premium quality tools offered by this website. This tool works as a photo finder for helping people get similar image content from the web. The use of the tool is straightforward. You have to upload the image from your local drive or your dropbox into the tool’s interface. The image input can be made in JPG, PNG, and GIF formats. You can also search by image URL or the keywords that are relevant to the picture. When you enter the image that you need to verify into the tool, it will get to you tons of helpful results, including its origin, ownership, copyrights, and other facts!

  • Reverse Image Search by SmallSEOTools

The image search tool by SmallSeoTools is another helpful platform that can assist you in the verification of images. This utility is also used to find images on the web and make reverse searches on image input. You have to image the question into the tool and hit the ‘search button. The tool has integrations with multiple search engines, and so it would get you detailed results in less than three to four seconds. You can go through the results and verify your image like a pro. This is a free image search tool. You don’t have to worry about any limitations or restrictions to its use.

  • Google Image search

Google image search is a very famous image hunting platform. Google was the very first one to come up with the idea of reverse searching. Google can easily help you verify your images without any restrictions. Still, the main problem why people avoid Google images is that it tends to save your input images in its database for one week. In this one week, your input image would be vulnerable to every user searching for relevant content. If you are not worried about the image’s privacy, then this is the perfect platform for image verification!

  • Tin Eye 

The tin eye is one of the eldest websites providing reverse search options. You should know that with the tin eye, you can find the best results catering to similar images. Still, you can also help yourself verify the originality of the image. Image authentication is very much easy with this online website cum tool. You have to enter the image in the search bar and hit search. After the image search and verification process got done you can crop imge online using seo tools centre if required to resize according to need. You must know that Tin eye has one of the largest image databases. So you can easily verify your images with this platform. The tin eye is free to use, and you don’t have to face any restrictions in its use!

  • Reverse Photo Lookup by Duplichecker

Suppose you want to look up a picture and authenticate its originality. In that case, you can use the free and easy-to-use image search tool by Duplichecker. You should know that this website would help you find plagiarism in text, but you can also find image plagiarism like a pro. Image verification is very much accurate with Dupli. It has integrations with the top search engines, including Google and Yahoo. You can get results from these search engines and check the authenticity of the image you are about to use in your blog or website!

  • ORG

This is a designated image searching website that can only be used to register an account with it. After registering and signing up with the website, you can make an unlimited amount of image searches with it. Verification of images is also very easy with this online platform. If you think that someone might be stealing your images, then you should add the URL of your images in the designated spaces on The site would analyze the contents of the image and would make a thorough hunt across the web. You would get verification results in less than ten seconds.

Using these reverse search tools, you can easily authenticate images by saving a lot of time and effort!