Period Underwears: The Happy Escape from the Regular

Period Underwears
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Menstruation can be a tedious cycle if not handled in the right manner. There are many menstrual products in the world aimed at a comfortable and free time for a menstruating person. These products include tampons, liners, pads and many more. However, most of these products are made of plastics and they have a drastic effect on the environment.

That is why many people seek alternatives that would ensure a comfortable cycle and help in the preservation of the earth. And this is something that should be practised from the beginning itself. Period underwear for tweens is such an alternative that it is designed and manufactured so that it can be washed and reused over 250 times. This article would provide more details on the positives of using period underwear.

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The best choice for beginners

The best thing about the period undies is that they are very easy and comfortable to use. A teen or a tween would find themselves confident as the only thing they have to do is slip them on like any other regular underwear. The leak-free protection gives nothing to worry about, and anything can be done with ease. The best thing is that they can be used both in the mornings and the night as well!

Forget the Worst

For the majority, the first years of periods are so difficult until they get used to it. To top it, the use of tampons and sanitary napkins can be frightening as there is a constant fear of leakage and changing them.

Overall, they can be uncomfortable with the tendency to slide out of place, and many would even be allergic to the material. With the use of period underwear for tweens, all of these embarrassing and annoying moments can be done away with.

Easy Ways Period Days!

Period underwears are the easiest way to deal with the period days. There won’t be additional protection as the underwear is all they need for leak-free protection. Moreover, they are reusable and all one needs to do is rinse them well while changing. A tampon or a sanitary napkin, on the other hand, comes with the stress of disposal and is not environment friendly either.

Types and Styles

The period underwear comes in different types and sizes. Moreover, there are also options for absorbency levels. The major options include 100 ml and 250 ml. To be clearer, a maxi sized sanitary napkin can only hold about 10 ml, while a tampon can absorb only 12ml max. Therefore, period underwear takes a much higher level and is the best to use even on the heaviest of days.

Speaking of the different styles, they range from the simplest to the most sophisticated. They include the boyleg underwear to the bikinis ones and, there are options for different colour combinations too. The size range starts from age six and goes up to sixteen years. Some popular brands even have period underwear even in adult sizes.

Just like any other day!

The material used for this underwear is mostly 100% cotton which is gentle and safe for all skin types. They would be very stretchy and comply with any difficult task the user would be engaging in. Underwear made out of popular brands would be moisture-wicking, and they hold any period of blood safely away from the body. Therefore, the period days would be just like any other wearing the regular undies.


All they have to do is simply rinse the undie and put it into the machine with other clothes, and wash it normally. As a further procedure, tumble dry it as it helps in a more convenient drying.


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