Perfect Activities for Mother’s Day

Perfect Activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day will be coming up soon. Have you planned something yet? After all, your mother has planned everything for you from the moment way before your birth. So, you can show your love to her by planning activities for a day that will be only for her. You can plan out much stuff that she loves, go out of your way to prepare gifts and fun activities that she ought to love. However, many people can get confused regarding the activities. If you feel the same, then read below. I will show you what activities you can do on Mother’s Day to make your mom feel special that can be the best mother’s day gift ideas for your son. Let’s dive into the list now.

1. Get her the special breakfast in bed.

Start her special day early by waking her up with breakfast in bed. Several recipes are online that you can try. I would recommend toast and sunny side-ups (heart shape) with her favorite beverage (juice/tea/coffee) and a bowl of fresh fruits. You might think that it’s not too much, but trust me, she will beam with joy upon seeing you with breakfast.

2. Go out for fun

When she finishes up the special breakfast, tell her to get ready and go out together. You guys can have a mother and daughter/son time for a while. You can go shopping, then have some lunch, or go for some fun activities like the amusement park. You can also take her to a parlor and let her have a haircut if she wants. She will feel fresh. You can end the tour with some ice cream and head home.

3. Bake together

Now that you guys have had all the fun outside, it’s time to enjoy at home. Baking is a fun activity, and it doesn’t even make you tired. You can bake some delicious cakes, cookies, or cupcakes of your choice. Trust me, and she will love the idea of baking with her daughter/son. When the baking is over, you guys have a sweet treat now to eat while gossiping.

4. Give her a spa treatment.

Once you and your mom have had the sweet treat, you can give her a spa treatment. Give her home spa treatment through manicures, pedicures, and face masks. You can also give her a pamper basket having all the spa-related stuff, bath bombs, lavender soaps, and candles. She will love it.

5. Throw her a party

You can also throw a party for her in the evening. Please keep it a surprise. You can invite some close people or save it to the family. Order a mother’s day special cake for her. If you are living in Bhilai, you can get home delivery.  As there is midnight cake delivery in Nashikthat you can find online. After that, you can quickly add some decorations and begin the party.

6 Make her a DIY present.

Your mom would love anything you present to her. The best thing would be a handmade gift. In my case, I make a DIY pop-up card for my mom, and she gets happy to see it. You can also make a DIY ‘I love you mom’ pillow cover or a box full of small DIY stuff.

7. Watch movies together

You can end the day by watching her favorite movies together while resting after the tiring party. You can also get some beverages and chips to chew on while spending some quality time. Also, get some chocolate and binge-watch movies/TV series until she feels sleepy.

8. Buy her that pendant.

You can also give her that pendant, which she has always wanted. You can wrap it up nicely and give it to her before going to sleep. That way, she will go to sleep with a big smile. But remember, buy something that you know she has always wanted. Or otherwise, give her a lovely-looking pendant.


You should celebrate Mother’s day with your mother. She has given you all her days; you can at least provide her with one. Try your best to make it the most memorable and beautiful day ever. Don’t waste even a minute. That’s why I have listed the whole day’s activities, so you won’t have to plan out anything else.