10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update

The desire to possess the most expensive things is in the blood of many representatives of humanity. A variety of luxury items invariably evoke envy and interest.

In the case of premium computer equipment, the situation is twofold: on the one hand, fashion brands can take a relatively inexpensive model and decorate it with gold, and on the other, there are companies that produce devices, inside which the most effective technical solutions are collected. In both cases, the price of a laptop can be sky-high. At the same time, to be expensive, a laptop does not have to be assembled to order.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


Rating of the most expensive laptops

Over the years, models appeared on the market that surprised and amazed with their cost. For some, they have become a faithful assistant in work and a pleasant hobby, and for someone, they help once again to emphasize their social status. Regardless of the reasons, the top ten laptop models listed below are the most expensive in the world.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update

1. Luvaglio


This British company presented its brainchild back in 2007, but it did not start selling until six years later. The cost of the laptop is exactly $ 1 million and it steadily holds the palm in the category of the most expensive models.

In terms of the standard equipment, it does not represent anything special: a 17 “display, a hard drive of only 128 GB, and a Blue-Ray drive. The rest of the components are supplied at the request of the buyer. Its main feature is a body made of precious wood with the ability to replace panels. The power button is a real diamond. The manufacturers did not forget the branded case made of genuine leather. All this determines the price of the leader of the world ranking.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


2. Tulip e-go diamond

Tulip e-go diamond

Danish designers’ products are, first of all, a beautiful accessory. The folded laptop looks like a handbag and can be decorated in a variety of ways.

The most expensive model of the line, E-Go Diamond, is finished with palladium plates on the outside and decorated with precious stones. The price of this “computer” is about 350 thousand dollars. It appeared on sale in 2009 and therefore it is difficult to surprise anyone with its bundle: a modest display of only 12.1 “diagonal and a resolution of 1200×800, 1 GB of RAM. First of all, it is a beautiful toy for those who have money.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


3. MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

Apple introduced its laptop model in 2006. Since then, four generations of these laptops have been replaced, and each of them has become iconic in its own way. The line received the last update in the spring of 2019. The most expensive 15 “MacBook model costs just over 200 thousand rubles.

It received an 8-core processor for the first time and became the fastest laptop in the family in history. It is not intended to delight the eyes of the owner, but the real work itself! The complete set of the computer allows you to work with almost any volume of video, audio, and graphics, to perform voluminous calculations. In fact, it is one of the best professional notebooks in the world.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


4. Ego for Bentley

Ego for Bentley

Another creation of British designers was created for the premium car manufacturer. The appearance of the computer and the machine echoes down to the smallest detail. They are produced in the same color scheme, have almost the same handles and the laptop case is finished from the same leather that goes into the upholstery of the car. The company logo is also in place.

The filling of the gadget does not differ in special functionality, which is generally not surprising – the model was released in 2008. And its main purpose is an added bonus for the car owner, which he can boast of in the office or at any event. At that time, its price was approximately 20 thousand dollars.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


5. Acer Predator 21x

Acer Predator 21x

This car was introduced in 2017 and immediately became the most expensive gaming laptop in the world – about 750 thousand rubles, which is comparable to a good middle-class car. It has two video cards; the image is displayed on a 21 “display, which is also slightly curved.

For iron lovers, the manufacturer provides several modes for overclocking the computer. We didn’t forget about safety – the set comes with a plastic case on casters. The total weight of a laptop and a suitcase reaches 30 kg! The fact that only 300 of these computers were produced, the appearance of which can be adjusted at the request of the customer, adds to its elitism. And that’s not to mention such pleasant nuances as a personal technical support manager. A rather comfortable case is also unusual, allowing you to replace almost any component without problems.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


6. Asus Rog GX800VG

Asus Rog GX800VG

The gaming laptop from Asus went on sale at the very end of 2016. At that time, its cost reached 380 thousand rubles and overtime only increased due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

It is equipped with a liquid cooling system that connects externally and complements the internal fans. In fact, in terms of its capabilities, this gadget surpasses a significant number of desktop models.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


7. Voodoo Envy 171

Voodoo Envy 171

By modern standards, this laptop looks like a kind of dinosaur, which is not surprising – it surprised me in 2007. The price of a computer in the maximum configuration exceeded $ 10 thousand. At that time, it included the latest processor from Intel, a total of 600 GB of hard drives, and 4 GB of RAM. The bright red case was unusual, which immediately distinguished the owner of the laptop from the crowd. The company itself has positioned its device as a universal platform for working with multimedia and computer games.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


8. MSI GT83VR 7RF Titan SLI


One of the latest generations of MSI gaming notebooks. The name Titan hints at the solidity and the appearance of the laptop emphasizes it. Its weight reaches 10 kg and is assembled from metal and plastic. The equipment of the gadget is also up to the mark – two video cards with 8 GB memory, four 64 GB RAM modules.

Although it is positioned as a gaming laptop, the specifications of the laptop allow you to solve the widest range of tasks – programming, performing calculations, and many other problems that require a large number of resources. Oddly enough, for all its merits, the model does not support Full HD and Ultra HD resolution. The price of this monster reaches 200 thousand rubles.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


9. Alienware Area-51M7700

Alienware Area-51M7700

Appearing on the market in 2006, this laptop made a small revolution. For the first time, hard drives with a total volume of 320 GB were installed in the case of a laptop, ridiculous, in general, figures by today’s standards. Another “chip” was the presence of four speakers and a subwoofer at once. Such capabilities have made the computer the ultimate dream for game, movie, and music lovers.

Its initial cost was about $ 2,000 and not everyone could treat themselves to such a toy. This model became the first in a series that has been successfully holding its position among fans of computer games for many years.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update


10. Panasonic Toughbook CF29

Panasonic Toughbook CF29

Computers from Panasonic are not well known to the general user. Meanwhile, it has released several not-so-ordinary devices, including the Toughbook CF29.

This laptop is designed for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Speaking of this, we mean really harsh conditions: the computer case is made taking into account the requirements of the military and allows you to work in snow, rain, sand, and mud.

The laptop is made of a special alloy with the addition of magnesium, it can withstand temperature differences from -20 ° to + 60 °. The battery allows you to work without recharging for up to seven hours. At the time of its introduction in the 2000s, this computer cost more than $ 2,000.

10 Most Expensive Laptop In The World | 2021 Update



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