Mom’s Remedy To Giving Odor The Boot

Mom’s Remedy To Giving Odor The Boot

I can’t be the only one, in particular, that is weary of foot smell. It’s all over the place! My significant other’s shoes, my storage room, the children’s shoes, and the rundown appear to continue until the end of time. Nothing is more terrible than getting kids from school and that ghastly natural smell hits you, somebody removed their shoes… I couldn’t actually start to make sense of that sweat-soaked, consumed elastic smell. Kids smell, let me assist you with addressing that in the most straightforward manner.

The Easiest Remedy Out There

Does anyone else have a kid that will not wear socks? What number of pairs of shoes have been ruined because of stink? After long stretches of enduring this, I realized I had to find a solution. I tried several different brands until I came upon Squeaky Cheeks. I had a friend tell me about it and I immediately jumped online and ordered it. It was perhaps the most ideal choice I’ve made. Instead of pairs of ruined shoes that stink up the car or their rooms we can have clean feet AND clean shoes. A dash of this after school has helped eliminate the scent entirely.

Naturally Clean

As Mother, we are dependably careful about the fixings we put on our youngsters. I figured out that some powder products are not really an extraordinary fix and can be unsafe. I researched and found that Squeaky Cheeks is all natural and contains no talc or other unsafe ingredients making it totally safe to use on my children’s feet and shoes. 

Kids Sweat Too

Not having Sweat-soaked feet has been totally hopeless around here. Running around on break, blustery days, and sports all play a major role in this. I was amazed at how Squeaky Cheeks responded to those things. It really is a perfect solution for my littles and comes scented and unscented, both of which have totally combatted those stinky soccer spikes. Have a teen kid? I’d suggest trying Squeaky on stinky feet and shoes. Dispose of that smell for good. No more damp wet, sweat, stinky children’s shoes have made me a blissful Mom.

I was also amazed that beyond the smell help, is that it really disposes of the dampness. No more damp, sweat, hotcake smelly shoes are for both you and your children.  Express farewell to foot scent for good.