Make Sure These Things Don’t Find Their Way In

Make Sure These Things Don’t Find Their Way In

It is always worth putting in extra effort to keep a few things away from your washing machine than having to undergo an expensive technician cost in getting them fixed. While mastering the art of laundry isn’t difficult, there is a laundry woe that all of us face at some point in time. From ending up watching your white socks turning into a red pair to forgetting to take your purse out from the pockets, we have all been there and have summoned washing machine service experts.

There are many dos and don’ts that you must take care of to perform good laundry. A lot of things that you don’t know should never be put inside a washing machine. Here is a compilation of everything not to put inside along with your clothes.

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Washing Machine Experts Suggest You Keep These Things Away from the Washer

Foam Pillows

The foam pillows can become weak and break into several pieces if put inside the washing machine. So, you must always keep your solid foam pillows away from the washing machine. There are many shredded memory foam pillows that you can wash inside the machine, but for most of them, you must avoid machine-washing.

Pet-Hair Covered Clothes

The pet-hair-covered clothes aren’t washing-machine friendly, given how they can adhere to both the washing machine drum sides and to the clothing itself even after washing. Pet hair tends to clog the drainpipe of your washer, reducing its efficiency with a gradual process. You should always get rid of the pet hair before you put it inside the washer. Or you might have to call for washing machine repair to unclog drain pipes as the result of clogging.


The hooks present in the bras are most responsible for snagging and tearing other clothes in the laundry. These hooks can also end up in the cylinder of the machine. There’s a higher possibility of the bra underwire getting damaged, if and when they are washed in the machine. When washing, always prefer putting your bras in a laundry-delicate bag. You can also consider washing them manually to prolong their lifespan.

Baby Socks Can Stop the Functioning of Vents and Hoses

You might have been wondering all this time where the other pair of your socks went after laundry. We have your answer here and we are pretty much sure they ended up inside your washing machine. Tiny things, socks, for instance, small baby clothes, and washcloths can get stuck inside the hoses and vents of your washer, thus stalling their function, which would then require washing machine service from experts to get back on track. Think of putting the baby socks inside an enclosed mesh bag or you even use your hands for it.

Excessive Laundry Detergent does More Harm to Your Clothes than Good

While you might think excessive usage of soap and detergent might help you get cleaner clothes, that isn’t the case. Adding excessive detergent can damage your clothes. The laundry doesn’t get flushed out and rather leaves behind soapy residue on your laundry. Though you can always adhere to the dosage levels recommended and mentioned on the detergent bottles, stick to using one-third of a full cap of detergent for a washer full of clothes.

Throw Blankets Can Shrink If Machine Washes

To keep your throw blankets in their best condition, always prefer dry cleaning them instead of putting them inside the washer. Before you determine where and how to wash your throw blankets, consider adhering to the tag first. The throw blankets can either lose out on their softness or encounter shrinkage, based on the material used by them.

Running Sports Shoes in Leather

As per the washing machine repair professionals, the running shoes in leather are never washer-friendly, for instance, sneakers. Always avoid putting leather accent shoes like sneakers inside the washer, given how they can peel off. You can rather take the help of an old toothbrush to get rid of the dirt.

Excessive Water Can Make Your Top-Loader Washer Turn Less Efficient

People always tend to add more water to the cycles of the washing machine, thinking they might achieve better cleaning with it. But adding excessive water can dilute the detergent and result in the top-loading washing machine becoming unbalanced and top over.

Sweaters Aren’t Meant for Washing Machine

The sweaters are manufactured using materials like cashmere, wool, and velvet which tend to get damaged because of the machine wash. The delicate fabrics of the sweaters aren’t designed to resist the washing machine’s tough motions. Most often or not, the sweaters either come out smaller or matted. You can count on a mesh laundering bag to minimize the exposure of the friction a fabric is meant to get exposed to.

Doing laundry with a washing machine is a no-brainer activity, but there are several series of caveats that are involved when washing clothes. While washing clothes is as simple as pressing a few buttons or turning the knob but one wrong move like putting items that aren’t meant for the washer inside the appliance can damage certain components which if not fixed by a washing machine repair technician can lead your machine to stop working. Always prevent putting these items inside the washer to keep the appliance in a good condition for years.