Life events when you may need a lawyer

Life events when you may need a lawyer

Several common life events may require a lawyer’s help, so we present to you the answer to one of the most popular questions in the world — when do you need a lawyer? We provide tips on what should be taken into account and briefly cover some law terms. Please remember that this is not legal advice, but merely an introduction to law and what is expected when going through these common situations.

Family Law, Marriage, Divorce & Custody

These are the most common situations and the ones where your lawyer, like Simon Law, will help you the most.

Marriage and divorce can be complex, whether you are in a state that requires a lawyer or not. For instance, if you have an uncontested divorce, you may be able to fill out any paperwork by yourself; however, you should always have a lawyer look over it. This will avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings which could cost you time and money in the long run. Furthermore, no-fault divorces do not exist in all states, so even if both spouses want to get divorced, they must prove that one person caused the divorce by abuse or adultery and so on.

Custody issues are often very difficult and may require a lawyer even in an uncontested divorce.

Real Estate Law: Buying or Selling a Property

The process of buying or selling a home can be lengthy and stressful. A lawyer can help you with the procedure and make sure you sign all the paperwork correctly. If it is not done properly, it can cause problems for both parties in the future and increase expenses for everyone involved in the transaction.

Personal Injury

When you require a personal injury lawyer, it means that either you or a loved one were injured in some way and someone else was legally responsible for it.

It is important to hire the right type of lawyer for your situation. For example, if you were hit by a car while riding your bike and the driver of the car was drunk, a DUI attorney would be more suitable than an insurance lawyer. Personal injury lawsuits have many elements that must be followed to avoid potential liability later on.

Workers’ Compensation

When you are injured in the workplace, you should speak to your employer, the state board of “Worker’s Compensation,” and/or a personal injury lawyer. Be sure to document everything that happened so that you can prove your case.

Employment Law

If you are an employee and you need to file a lawsuit against your employer for discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination, you should speak with a lawyer. Particular laws explain the process of filing a suit.

Whilst this isn’t a comprehensive list, it is some of the most common reasons why you may need the services of a lawyer. Law is an important part of your life, so it is important to learn more about it and understand how it can benefit you and your family. It’s best to spend your time wisely by preparing with a knowledgeable lawyer who will be available when you need them most.