LDS Baptism Gifts for Your Daughter’s Upcoming Baptism

LDS Baptism Gifts
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It’s a big day in your house- your little girl is about to get baptized! This is a huge step for her, and one that deserves recognition. Finding the perfect baptism gift to help commemorate the day is a great way to help her look back on the occasion with fondness. Take a look at some of our favorite go-to LDS baptism gifts for girls that are sure to make the day special!

New Scriptures

There are few things more classic than a new set of scriptures as a baptism gift. Up to this point, she’s probably been using a set of family scriptures, and this is the perfect opportunity to get her her own fresh set. Get it engraved with her name, and be sure to throw in some scripture accessories, as well! Some specialized scripture marking pencils, stickers, or even a scripture case are fantastic options. This is one of our favorite baptism gifts!

CTR Ring

CTR rings are another great way to go for LDS baptism gifts. The classic green shield style is an easy go-to, but there are so many fun new designs to choose from, you might consider looking for one that will fit your little girl’s style. Whether it’s one with flowers or a ring in her favorite color, it’s easy to find something she’ll love.

Personalized Journal

Whether she’s an avid journaler or she’s wanting to get started, a personalized journal would make for a wonderful baptism gift. If she is getting ready to dive into journaling, what better way to start a journal than with a summary of this big day? Get her some fun pens to accompany her new diary!

Holy Ghost Blanket

The concept of the holy ghost and its promptings can be challenging even for long-time members of the church, and finding effective ways to teach it to children can be difficult. That’s why we love the idea of a holy ghost blanket. Explain to your daughter that the promptings of the holy ghost can be warm and comforting, just like her favorite blanket. Every time she cuddles up in it, she will be reminded of her baptism day and the lesson you taught about listening to the promptings from the holy ghost.

An Account of The Day

Perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts you can give her is an account of the day from your perspective. As she grows older, she may not remember all the details. But if you take the time to write down the big moments and little details of her baptism day, she’s more likely to keep them in her heart. Write her a letter, include some photos, and give this to her a week or so after her baptism. It will be something she cherishes for years to come.

Finding the perfect baptism gift for your daughter doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether it’s a fresh set of scriptures, a handwritten letter, or a combination of the above suggestions, we’re sure they will make her big day even more special and memorable.


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