Is Great Signage Essential to Your Brand?

Is Great Signage Essential to Your Brand?

In today’s golden age of digital marketing, online shopping, and big data analytics, people might nearly be forgiven for failing to remember that a tangible world exists outside of the online realm.

While a company’s digital presence is extremely important, so too is its ability to develop a cohesive brand voice across all available channels, one of which being the physical storefront.

This is where the power of a great sign can make all the difference. If you felt as though you needed to update your own signage any time soon, it is worth thinking about the many benefits a great design can offer your company.


Signage is fundamentally about communication, a message that conjures up an invisible dialogue between your brand and your would-be customer.

Ensuring that this message is engaging for the customer while at the same time delivered with clarity and simplicity is a great place to start.

Convincing customers to notice your business is one of the key components in any marketing campaign, so neglecting to work on some great signage might leave you wanting in the brand visibility department, particularly if other stores on the same street are managing to divert attention away from your efforts.

Reflecting Quality

If you have a poorly made, hard-to-read sign in dire need of a makeover, or perhaps even worse, no sign at all, then there is every chance this will reflect poorly on the quality of your business itself.

Customers will likely be wary of a brand that claims they can offer quality while displaying (literally) a lack of it at the front of their store for all to see.

Conversely, a great sign emanates sophistication, care, and dignity, and if it is doing its job perfectly, it convinces people to walk through the door or look up the brand online at the very least.

Signage can take many wonderful forms, shapes, and sizes, and thanks to some innovative solutions by companies like Soyang, there are options to print on to a vast array of different materials, so they might be worth checking out if you needed an upgrade.


After paying for the initial design and fitting fee, your sign is ready to start doing its job, possibly without any further maintenance if it is high enough quality and can stand up to the elements.

This can truly make it a cost-effective marketing tool, especially when considering how many people will be seeing it every single day. For example, think of all the people who stare up at the McDonald’s sign and immediately say to themselves, ‘Oh, go on then.’

Your sign will be consistently reaching customers every single day at whatever time they happen to be passing, hopefully convincing them to find out more just because they noticed your brand. This can translate to sales, so missing out on this opportunity by neglecting the value of signage might damage your bottom line.

Word of Mouth

If your sign is a talking point (for a good reason), then you can probably hope to indulge in the many wonders of word-of-mouth marketing.

There are so many other benefits of great signage to think about, from directing your customers to your business to showcasing your products, presenting your values, or standing out from your competitors that it might be impossible to overlook.

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