How To See Your Likes On Instagram?

How To See Your Likes On Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular new platform in the social media market in today’s world. It has been quite popular since 2016. Everyone here posts and likes different types of photos. People like different posts on Instagram at different times. 

If someone likes a post and wants to see it again. In this case, if you want to see the posts you like on Instagram, you have to follow some steps. Usually the first time Instagram was created for iPhone users. Here are the steps you need to follow to view your preferences on iPhone:

  • You have to go to your profile by tapping on the first profile picture.
  • Then in the upper right corner, there are three horizontal lines to press.
  • Go to Settings and then open the account.
  • Then you have to find the posts you like. You have to scroll until you find the posts.

In this way, by following the steps above, you will be able to see your liked posts again. If someone remembers the name of an Instagram user and likes his posts, to see his posts again, search his name in the search bar, first enter his profile, and scroll to find his liked posts. But keep in mind that Instagram only stores 300 likes per person. 

Now we will discuss how to view your likes from Android apps. First, you need to download the app on the phone and sign in. The method of viewing your likes from an Android phone is almost the same as that of an iPhone. Below is a brief discussion of this:

First, you have to go to profile then tap on the picture in the bottom right corner. Now in the upper-right corner as before, tap the three horizontal lines then open “Settings” and then “Account”.  After opening the account, you have to tap on the posts you like at the bottom of the page.  Now you have to click on the post you want to see again from the list.

Already talking about iPhone and Android. Another day I will discuss how to view your preferences on Instagram from a PC. 

Now I will tell you about the method of how to see the likes of my post: 

If you want to see your power, you have to go to your profile first. After going to the profile, you have to click on the post you want to check. Now at the bottom of the picture, the person will see his favorite number, or the person will see a username and “others” text. The list of accounts that have liked your post will be displayed. Now you need to scroll down to see all the preferences or use the search bar to check if certain users have liked the post.  Moreover, if you have just uploaded a new picture, then you will get a notification for each new like.  In this way, you can see the likes of your post. 

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