How to Rent Perfect SUV

How to Rent Perfect SUV

In a big city, you can’t do without a car! If you find yourself temporarily without wheels or just planning to buy your own vehicle, car rental comes to the rescue. And if you plan to drive not only in the city but also outside of it, it is worth renting an SUV.

SUV rental is well suited for terrain with difficult terrain on the roads. It is also a presentable car with maximum comfort. Now you can choose the right car according to the budget.

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Five Reasons To Rent a 4×4 SUV

SUV rental is in high demand for several reasons:

  • Safety. Guaranteed by the increased strength of the body, high seating capacity of the driver, and the large weight of the car.
  • Good cross-country ability. This factor remains relevant at any time of year, especially in winter when snow and ice interfere with normal road traffic.
  • Versatility. A reliable off-road vehicle will be needed in various life situations. You can go to the country, ride in the woods, go on vacation, go hunting or fishing. The trunk of this car easily fits bicycles, boats, skis, suitcases. You get even more additional space by folding the back seat and using special fasteners on the roof.
  • Presentable appearance. Renting an SUV, you will make an impression of a wealthy businessman. Who knows, maybe it will help conclude a lucrative contract, create a relationship with the girl you like, or surprise your friends.
  • A chance to evaluate the technical advantages of the model you like yourself. An SUV is not the car you take for a ride from your friend. If you seriously think about buying such a car but have some doubts, contact a car rental company. A rental SUV without a driver will allow organizing a kind of test drive and determine the final choice.

Types of SUV

The choice of transport is related to the needs of customers. Someone does not imagine life without active recreation in the woods, someone wants to get a car with a spacious trunk. For someone, an SUV is, first of all, reliable and status!

There are several types of SUVs:

  • Jeep – four-wheel-drive SUV with high cross-country ability. It is suitable for trips out of town, in nature and picnics. The universal white car is used for celebrations.
  • Crossover is a great family car, gaining popularity in the city. Ordering a crossover with a driver, you can go to the airport, train station, nature, or the next town a few miles away. The crossover has a spacious trunk (600 liters), and therefore you can arrange a family shopping.
  • 4×4 – the real “monsters” capable of overcoming any part of the track, whether dirt, swamp, hills, or forest wilderness. High suspension, endurance engine, and protection from the weather favorably distinguish the 4×4 models from passenger vehicles.

The lease of such class cars together with the driver is very popular. A professional knows the city’s outskirts and will deliver passengers to the right place on time.

There are several types of SUVs


An SUV is a universal but rather expensive premium class car. Not everyone can afford an SUV. Car rental for a day becomes a solution. The advantage of this approach is that it saves money on purchasing a car. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you need an IDP (International Driving Permit).  So, the customer pays for the actual time of using the car and the driver’s services (if necessary).

The execution of a rental agreement accompanies a rental SUV. Under the terms of the agreement, the client receives a fully serviceable vehicle with insurance for the period of hire. Companies offer a choice of new off-road cars at an affordable price for an hour or a day. Hiring also implies the availability of technical assistance and advice from the firm’s managers.

There are many SUVs in the catalogs of rental companies for every budget and taste. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, choose the Chevrolet Orlando or Nissan Qashqai. Prefer a comfortable mid-size car? We advise looking at the Infiniti, Ford Explorer, or BMW X6. Those who are not used to compromises and want to take only the best from life pay attention to the elite model’s Range Rover, Lexus, and Mercedes.