How to Recover After a Nose Job

How to Recover After a Nose Job

A nose job is a major cosmetic procedure that takes several months to heal. While you can usually return to work a week after surgery, there are several activities you’ll need to avoid for several more months. Below are some things you should do to recover properly following a rhinoplasty procedure.

Average Timeline

Full recovery for a nose job can take up to a year, but you’ll be able to resume normal activities within the first month. While every surgery will differ, most people wear a nasal splint for about a week. During this time, you can expect some swelling and bruising around your nose and eyes.

After six weeks, you should be able to return to regular exercise and other activities such as blowing your nose. In the months that follow, any numbness or abnormal sensations will typically resolve, too. The healing process is normally complete after 1 year when the final shape sets in. To ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible, below are some tips to follow.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Advice

This sounds like common sense, but it’s an important one to follow. Even if you’ve read a lot of articles on rhinoplasty in Las Vegas on the internet, your surgeon is an expert and will have the most intimate knowledge of your procedure. Follow all the instructions he or she gives you to prevent infections and make sure you return for follow-up exams.

Listen to Your Body

While your surgeon is an expert on rhinoplasty, you are an expert on your body. Pay attention to your recovery progress and be mindful of any signs of discomfort. Allow your body to tell you what feels good and what doesn’t, and follow your own timeline for rest and recovery. If something doesn’t feel right at any stage, make sure you visit your doctor.

Limit Your Activities

During the recovery period, you’ll need to limit certain activities until your nose heals. This includes:

  • Resting when you’re tired (don’t push things too hard).
  • Not bending over until your doctor says it’s ok. Keep your head raised for several days following surgery.
  • Walking a bit each day.
  • Taking time off work (possibly a week after surgery).
  • Avoiding strenuous cardiovascular activities for at least a month.
  • Not blowing your nose for at least a week after surgery.
  • Not swimming for at least a week.
  • Not rubbing your nose for at least 8 weeks.
Eat a Sensible Diet

Eating sensibly following a nose job is also important. Some people find that their bowel movements are irregular following surgery, which means it’s important to eat healthy food with plenty of fiber. You may even need to take a fiber supplement or laxative. It’s also important to avoid alcohol and smoking during your acute recovery period.

Care for Your Nose

Your surgeon will give you specific instructions, some of which will include putting an ice pack (frozen peas work best) on your nose for 10 to 20 minutes every 1 to 2 hours following surgery. Icing helps reduce the swelling, and you may be instructed to do this for several days.

Other ways you should care for your nose include not wearing glasses for at least a month. You should also avoid wearing clothes that you have to pull tightly over your head for at least a week.